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Nicholas Tse wins Best Actors with RAGING FIRE, which he admitted is particularly meaningful
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Nicholas Tse wins Best Actor in Macau and thanks his mentor Benny Chan

The late Benny Chan wins Best Director with RAGING FIRE
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The 13th Macau International Movie Festival took place last night. The Emperor Motion Picture RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) received high recognition from the jury as it won two major awards. Director Benny Chan Muk Sing won Best Director; while already received all around praised for his performance, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung also won Best Actor as the favorite. Ting Fung not only accepted the award in person in Macau but also accepted the Best Director honor on behalf of the late director.

The film RAGING FIRE at the 13th Macau International Movie Festival last night won two major awards, as Director Chan Muk Sing won Best Director and Ting Fung won Best Actor. Ting Fung made the trip to Macau to accept the Best Actor award in person and accepted the Best Director award for the late Director Benny. As Ting Fung took to the red carpet, he instantly became the focus on the entire event.

With a new variant virus spread and added uncertainty again to the pandemic, fortunately Hong Kong and Macau have been rather stable and this Macau International Film Festival was able to take place. Ting Fung said, "Starting at the end of the year, film or music awards would take place one after another. I of course hope that the situation would remain stable so more physical award shows would be able to take place. So the cast and the crew that have toiled without hesitation in the past year would receive the reward and award recognition that they deserve."

Was winning the Best Actor award with Director Benny's final film particularly meaningful? Ting Fung nodded in response and he proudly said, "I am particularly happy about being able to win an award with a Hong Kong action film, because now this type of Hong Kong action movie doesn't exist anymore. In addition the action choreography on Chan Muk Sing's movies are unparalleled. For example Director Tsui Hark mainly made costume wuxia action films, and Director (Dante) Lam Chiu Yin specialized in gun and military style the market, Director Chan Muk Sing's unique action style basically no longer exists. I make movies because I like Hong Kong action films, so I am especially happy bout the good response RAGING FIRE received this time."

Ting Fung also accepted the Best Director award on behalf of the late Director Benny. Sentimental and emotional, Ting Fung said, "I represent the director in thanking the Macau International Film Festival, as well as Emperor Motion Pictures, his good partner Dr. (Albert) Yeung Sau Sing, and every viewer who has liked any one of the movies Chan Muk Sing directed. Thank you!" Ting Fung also said, "The director and I worked together on five or six movies. My first action film was with him, and I learned a lot of good stuff from him. Accepting the award on his behalf like this of course feels extra regrettable." Looking ahead to other awards, Ting Fung admitted, "I look forward to RAGING FIRE receiving even more jury recognition, so it would be able to properly answer to Director Chan Muk Sing, who worked hard to finish RAGING FIRE!" Would he plan to follow up with other movies next year? Ting Fung said, "Let's see next year!"

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