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Jeana Ho says that the shoot was less than comfortable as the table hurt

Ron Ng and Jeana Ho are full of chemistry from working together again
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Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Jeana Ho Pui Yu performed a passionate scene in the Emperor Motion Picture LOVE IS BLIND, HATE TOO (JI MING 24 SIU SI). Playing a cancer patient, Jeana seduced doctor Ron. Although they kissed on a television series, Ron said that this time was very extreme. "Because film had more leeway than television, it was the most extreme time in my career. (Were you nervous before hand?) No, because the co-star was Jeana I didn't really worry. We are very familiar and have a lot of chemistry."

Jeana also said that the television kiss scene was relatively child's play when compared to this time. "Earlier the one in the series was a peck, this time was much more extreme. After listening to the director's explanation of what angle he wanted to shoot and what feelings he wanted. Before taking our marks everyone would communicate once again, what would be the next move, where would the hands go, we talked about everything. After several rehearsal we shot officially and we were done after a few takes."

She said, "Shooting an intimate scene on the table wasn't too comfortable. The table was very 'rough', with a lot of documents and pens on the table. When everyone got emotional, we would have to wipe everything off to create that passionate feeling. The timing had to be perfectly coordinated." Ron admitted that men had to be extra cautious when working on passion scenes, the most important was to communicate fully before hand. They put all their effort into the film in order to achieve a good result. The film will open on January 6th, with advanced screenings on New Year's Eve to January 2nd.

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