Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Jace Chan is surprised to be in the "Favorite Female Singer" top 5

Shirley Sham
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Artists Jace Chan Hoi Wing, Mike Tsang Pei Tak, Shirley Sham Yan Yee and athlete So Wa Wai yesterday attended an athletic brand event. The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) film that Sham Yan Yee took part in will soon open. She played a third party "Kei Kei", but this time she had many emotional scenes unlike the usual "seductress". She caught the director's eye apparently when he saw her hosting the television program revue. He thought that she was great at memorizing the script. Her character in the film had two paper long dialogue, thus her talent in this area drew him to her. Sham Yan Yee hoped that she would be able to continue her silver screen journey, thus now she has been attending acting classes. Next year she would also have a chance to perform in a family theme series.

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