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Mike Tsang goes after Aaron Kwok with a weapon and even knees him in the groin

Less than experienced in acting, Mike Tsang lies on the ground and waits for guidance from Aaron Kwok and the team

Aaron Kwok often carries a gun in the armed robber role

Ansonbean appears to be rather relaxed, without any fight scene yet

The crew leaves prop guns all over, as the locals have minor words of annoyance

Sister Lin eases Richie Jen's load on the set

Maggie Cheung Ho Yi looks around on the street while waiting for her mark

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in recent months has been busy with a new film. 2 music new comers Ansonbean and Mike Tsang Pei Tak earlier worked on the new film as well. Tsang Pei Tak even had a fight scene with Sing Sing, getting his head busted open as soon as he started work. He and Sing Sing were in close proximity, he even kneed Sing Sing in the groin.

Sing Sing in recent years kept making movies. Earlier he with his "bucktooth robber" look worked on the new film. The film not only starred Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Gordon Lam Ka Tung, and Maggie Cheung Ho Yi but also two new music new comers Ansonbean and Tsang Pei Tak. Earlier they worked on a fight scene with Sing Sing in To Kwa Wan. Tsang Pei Tak on the first day at work already had a wire scene.

When the shoot began, Sing Sing went to a garage to go after the two. Then he even picked up a giant wrench to hit them. He left the garage, the bloodied Tsang Pei Tak picked up the wrench to strike back. They got into a tussle, during which Tsang Pei Tak kneed Sing Sing in the groin. Finally Sing Sing pile drove him. Both had to use wires to complete their wrestling moves.

Due to the intense production schedule, before shooting the scene everyone kept rehearsing their marks in hopes of finishing in one take. With the rare chance to act opposite Best Actor Sing Sing, Tsang Pei Tak of course did not dare to slack off. During the rehearsal he expressed the entire range of emotions on the street. Due to gravel on the road, his elbows and kneecaps were all bruised from rolling on the ground. He did not mind as he only seriously listened to the crew's explanation. During the official shoot, his performance was ideal and he very quickly finished that scene. Sing Sing's presence did not cause him any stage fright. After the scene, each breathed a sigh of relief. Sing Sing, Ansonbean and Tsang Pei Tak chatted and laughed with the crew. For continuity, the bloodied Tsang Pei Tak walked around the set.

The team recently kept "relocating", earlier while shooting on Temple Street the team reportedly left prop guns everywhere. However according to industry insiders prop guns actually could not shoot actual bullets, as they relied only on post production and gun fire. They were safer than modified real guns, but of course proper placement of them would be even more ideal. Sing Sing earlier had a running scenes with a gun on a back alley in Kwun Tong. The experienced actor while not in a scene would put the gun on the ground for safety.

Kwok Fu Sing, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Gordon Lam Ka Tung played robbers in the new film. Sing Sing often had chase and gun fight scenes on the streets. Siu Chai and Ka Tung rarely "ran along". Instead they had many indoors scenes. Siu Chai earlier before taking his mark shot an interesting coffee video. In the video he thanked Sister Lin in catering. She has won the 37th Hong Kong Film Award Professional Spirit award. Siu Chai said, "When we were shooting in remote hills and country side, starving and thirsty, we completely rely on catering sister's piping hot coffee. That kind of affection and encouragement really are very important!"

Co-star Maggie Cheung Ho Yi also had chase scenes, but obviously much less than Sing Sing's. Earlier they worked on Temple Street. While not in scene she stood to the side and checked out videos and posters.

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