Thursday, December 9, 2021


Cecilia So shows off her new hairstyle

Crystal Cheung claims she has a lot of sneaky fat and has to work hard to lose it
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Cecilia So and Crystal Cheung dress up for the occasion
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Cecilia So Lai Shan yesterday attended a fashion magazine event with a new look. She said that she brought many pieces to prepare, otherwise her dress would be too open and she would not be able to accept it yet. Did her boyfriend approve her being sexy? She said, "I have rarely wore anything sexy; but normally when my dress got a little shorter, my boyfriend would ask me to change into something longer. However when he saw other girls in short dresses he would have no problem. He only cared about me. (You couldn't work on sexy scenes?) At first I was concerned, because earlier a movie did have bed scenes. I reluctantly discussed this issue with my boyfriend seriously. Luckily he accepted it and the most important was it met with what the script required." She continued, "He of course said that he would accept it. Then he might be all mad. In the end that movie due to certain factors wasn't made. He was all smiles again. However I already has his approval, as long as the plot required it he would accept it. (Would you take less love scenes for your boyfriend?) It would depend on the script, but I would respect him. Each time I would communicate with him first so he would have a sense of security."

Other guests included Crystal Cheung Man Ka, Louise Wong Dan Nei, Phil Lam Yik Hon and his wife Rikko Lee Oi Kei. Cheung Man Ka joked, "I am not young anymore, and I don't have much to look at up top, so I have to show my hip a little." She also pointed out that lately she has been working hard on losing weight, because later she would promote FAR FAR AWAY (LUEN LO SHAN KA LA) with Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and So Lai Shan. With other pretty girls, her boyfriend asked her to get into shape and not to give up on herself anymore.

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