Wednesday, December 1, 2021


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Fans of Super Girls' Heidi Lee book two screenings for her fan club gathering

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The film SHOWBIZ SPY (GA MO NUI TUEN) since opening in Thursday had good box office and word of mouth. The creative team attended the audience appreciation event, and the audience response was enthusiastic. In two videos released yesterday, five leads including Cult Leader Anson Lo Hon Ting, Chloe So Ho Yee, Summer Chan Tsz Huen, Heidi Lee Ching Yee and Alina Lee Yan Yee shared their dance rehearsal details. 4 female leads all appreciated and complimented Cult Leader's dance skills. The other video had the leads at many cinema audience appreciation events, all of which showed enthusiastic support from a massive amount of "Disciples".

In his first film, Anson Lo said about showing off his dance skills, "This film contains many dance scenes, especially in the ending. Each actor off camera has their own jobs, each time when everyone were able to get together for a hour or two we rehearsed the choreography. Our actual rehearsal time was very intense." In addition, the film related memorabilia have been hot search topics. The limited edition SHOWBIZ SPY photo collection and the film ticket coupon have been considered collectibles and hotly speculated online.

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