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As the 18th anniversary of Anita Mui's passing approached, countless fans still remember her.

Mui Kai Ming earlier in the year revealed that he was making preparations for the Anita Mui International Museum

ANITA starred Louise Wong and Louis Koo
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Anita Mui's brother Mui Kai Ming filed suit two days ago against the maker of the film ANITA over trademark infringement, compensation, interest, etc.

The Edko film ANITA starred Louise Wong as Anita Mui

ANITA has made over HK$ 47 million thusfar

The late music queen Anita Mui
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The late music queen Anita Mui Yim Fong's biographical film ANITA opened in mid November in Hong Kong. Mui Yim Fong's brother Mui Kai Ming two days ago filed suit with the Superior Court, citing Edko Films violated the "Mui Yim Fong" trademark that belonged to him. Mui Kai Ming in the suit claimed that as early as in 2004 he has already registered the general trademark of Mui Yim Fong and Anita Mui. The film company produced film and its related products used his registered trademark without his permission, allegedly violated the trademark and misguided the public -- leading to his loss. Thus he requested the court to issue an injunction against Edko Films and anyone related from continuing its violation of his trademark, turn over all trademark violation products and compensate for his losses. Edko Films responded that its legal team has been handling the matter, and the film production was conducted under legal basis.

The Edko Films produced film ANITA was Longman Leung directed, Louise Wong Dan Nei, Terrance Lau Chun Him, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Louis Koo Tin Lok starred, its story was based on the late Hong Kong diva Mui Yim Fong's real experience. ANITA opened last month to good box office and word of mouth, as its box office even headed toward HK$ 50 million. However Mui Yim Fong's brother Mui Kai Ming two days ago filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court, citing that Edko Films has violated his rights. Mui Kai Ming claimed that he owned the trademark of "Mui Yim Fong", and the film ANITA used the trademark without permission. Hence he filed the suit to seek damages from Edko Films and request the court to grant an injunction.

The plaintiff was Mui Kai Ming and the defendant was Edko Films. According to the suit, the plaintiff owned the "Anita Mui memorial Co. Ltd." for conducting a variety of activities to remember Anita. The plaintiff claimed that he already owned the general trademark registration of "Mui Yim Fong" and "Anita Mui" since November 24 2004, and on November 31 2018 handed in the application for defensive trademark to expand the coverage of the trademark. Its categories also included video and sound equipment, office supplies, fashion, film and various commercial activities. The plaintiff felt, due to how famous Mui Yim Fong was, the related defensive trademark should be under legal protection at any time.

The plaintiff claimed, before the passing of Mui Yim Fong on December 30 2003 she was extremely famous. Her name as a brand and its related trademark also had a lot of commercial value. The defendant while producing the film ANITA was never granted any permission to use its registered trademark during the process for its content and promotional products, would mislead the general public and incorrectly understand the film to be closely related to the plaintiff. Thus the suit has been filed with the Superior Court to apply for a cease and desist order to prohibit the film production company and anyone related from continuing to violate the trademark, and the mandatory surrender of all trademark infringing items and compensation to the plaintiff.

Edko Films responded to Mui Kai Ming's lawsuit. "From the planning to the production to now, our legal team has been handling all related legal issues and under legal basis conducted the production of the film ANITA. This matter is already in the hands of our legal team and at this time we have no comment."

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