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The 2nd BEAUTIFUL HONG KONG short film project two nights aog held its award ceremony and film exhibition. Organizer the Bauhinia Culture Group director Ng Po On, Sil-Metropole Organization executive director and vice president Ting Hoi, Media Asian media group's special art consultant and jury representative John Chong Ching, Universe Film chair and executive director Daneil Lam Siu Ming and Mei An Entertainment high ranking consultant Tong Hing Chi attended and represented the organizers. The event also invited the event ambassador Chrissie Chau Sau Na, director Vincent Kok Tak Chiu, director Jimmy Wan Chi Man, director Fung Chi Hang, Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling and Fung Ho Yeung as guest presenters.

The Bauhinia Culture Group director Ng Po On at the ceremony said, "BEAUTIFUL HONG KONG is an important platform for the Bauhinia Culture Group's Sil-Metropole Organization to cultivate Hong Kong young filmmakers. The Bauhinia Culture Group has its foundation in Hong Kong, cultivates the Greater Bay Area and spreads overseas. We would create the Bauhinia Bay Area youth film five year development project, through a series of events to discover and cultivate a group of excellent young screenwriters, directors and actors and create even better study and training opportunity and growth environment for young professional filmmakers. We hope through years of hard work, the generation gap and discontinuation of Hong Kong young filmmakers would become the past and we would elevate the Hong Kong film industry's long term competitiveness."

BEAUTIFUL HONG KONG in the past year had two stages of evaluation. The professional guest jury selected 21 films, among them SAI GAN FAT, TAI CHI MOMMY and THE POEM OF THE CURRY FLAVOR won the open, the higher education and the secondary school categories. SAI GAN FAT director Cheung Jin Hung even won the Best Director award. Best Actor went to the higher education category film COMIC BOOK WORKSHOP WAR's Cho Chi Ho; Best Actress went to TAI CHI MOMMY's Cho Yuet.

Event ambassador Chau Sau Na said that she has participated since the first event recruitment last year. Two nights ago finally with the awards results they had a good start. She was glad to see a group of young people who had their hearts set on joining the film industry was able to fulfill their own dreams. Although at first they made short films, she deeply believed that they would be able to develop them into a movie in the future. She too hoped to have the chance to work with these new directors and set off new spark. Chau Sau Na pointed out that in recent years many new directors have started in the business, perhaps the role or the script would not be suitable for them to work together. However during conversations she felt that they would all have their own ideas, and she hoped to have the chance to work together in the future. Would she like to direct or write? She said, "I can only use the photo for selfies!" She felt that an experience director and a new director had different ways of handling things, but both had great communication skills with the entire team. "Personality wise I might not be able to handle that, I might as well focus on acting for a few more years. However I want to one day be able to produce, and make a film that I like with the director, the actors and behind the scene personnel." She admitted that she would have to learn from her boss Louis Koo Tin Lok, she truly admired him for the success of WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) for example because Goo Jai was willing to bravely try to the science fiction film I liked. Thus she would have to learn from him.

Under the pandemic, Chau Sau Na has always maintained her workload. This year she made more action film performance and even tried car chase. "Normally I am a safe driver. This time in the film I was able to try some dangerous car stunts." As an action actor, she has always trained to stay in shape so she would not have to cram last minute. Even if she was bruised all over from working on a series in the first half of the year, she felt they were worth it. Recently she also had to work the film BAU LIT DIM (EXPLOSION POINT), but she did not have too many scenes so she would have time to rest.

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