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Peter Chan receives raves from Richie Jen
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The film TALES FROM THE OCCULT (SUT HUNG HUNG GAN)'s cast consists of veterans actors and substance new talent. TENEMENT (TONG LAU)'s director Fung Chih Chiang asked a good colleague of many years Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) to hold down the fort, with fresh faces like Sofiee Ng Hoi Yan, Peter Chan Cham Man and Buber Mak Wing Nam. Yam Yin Chai praised the THREE HUSBANDS (SAM FU)'s Asian Film Award and Hong Kong Film Award Best New Performer nominee Chan Cham Man. "His acting is great, a stage actor with a solid foundation. His performance and dialogue are very clear and precise, his sense of acting rhythm is strong, and he fully presents the emotional changes in his acting. I am very excited to work with him. He is a great co-star." Playing the Wing Chun coach in the film, Chan Cham Man rather enjoyed discussing the character with the director and the actors and coordinating with each other. This was the most valuable part of group creativity.

Another new actor Mak Wing Nam also received praise from Siu Chai. "With Wing Nam this was our second collaboration. This time she played an odd person and had a very tough time. She not only had to whiten her face with super large dark eye circles, but also had to hide in the corner of the stairway and unable to move. She worked very hard in her acting. I hope in the future she would have even better development." Mak Wing Nam as the odd person not only had an odd make up, a hunchback and put plenty of thought into her appearance, but she also had to perform wet in order to interpret the mysterious character that could be human or a water spirit. Director Fung Chih Ching also praised her as outstanding. Because in the film most of the time her face could not be seen, she had to use a lot of body language to express herself and create fear among the actors.

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