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Mark Cheng gets choked up as he says his wife took their children and left, only saying over the phone say whatever he had to say to the lawyer

Louis Cheung complains about how tough the prison movie shoot has been and wants to make a romantic film in comfort
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Mark Cheng Ho Nam, Wong Kwong Leung and Justin Cheung Kin Sing two nights ago attended the IMPRISONED II (YUT YUK II GIP SO LAN TOH)'s production wrap banquet.

Cheung Kai Chung in recent years has made 4 or 5 prison movies. He said that this time the story and the character would be completely different from his past prison films. The production process was tough. He chuckled and said that the production environment kept getting worse. "Earlier I worked with (Louis) Koo Tin Lok on a prison film, the location had air conditioning. I didn't expect the shoot environment to just keep getting worse. This time because the prison would be in Southeast Asia, the environment had to be very realistic, super hot and super dirty. Not just air conditioning, it didn't even have air. However it made getting into character easier."

Ah Chung also pointed out that this time was the most difficult in his film career. Not only did he need to work in over 30 degree Celsius high heat, but he also had to wear a down jacket in the summer. He no longer wanted to make another prison film. Instead he really wanted to make a romantic film in a comfortable environment. The lead actress would not matter, at least the shoot would have to have air conditioning and air flow."

In addition, Ah Chung next month would perform a concert at the McPherson Stadium. He revealed that recently he has already begun practicing songs, guitar playing and attending singing lessons. Because he had to attend audience appreciation activities for his movie, he could not stop working for now. Was he worried that he would be prepared? He said, "At work I would try to be careful. I am a homebody, normally I rarely go out. In rehearsal I would wear a mask. Other workers would be careful too. The most important is to have the determination."

Cheng Ho Nam, his Malaysian wife and their children have settled in Malaysia for many years. He said that in June he already returned to Hong Kong and made two movies. He praised Hong Kong films for improving a lot and praised Louis Koo Tin Lok's WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI). Yesterday he met with "Friends of Cinema City" and boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming to show their support together and celebrate Happy Girl Group member Fennie Yuen Kit Ying's birthday.

When asked how long he would stay in Hong Kong this time, Cheng Ho Nam said that he did not know yet. He also revealed that something unpleasant happened at home. Due to work and the pandemic he was away from home for 16 months, in the past he would return home after one week at most. He has never been apart from his family for so long. Originally he and his wife's 20th anniversary would be on the 18th, but now both his wife and children have disappeared. He said, "Last year around Christmas, when I was trying to get a flight to go back, my wife hung up as soon as she picked up the phone. Later she said that whatever I had to say I could say it to the lawyer. (Was there someone else?) Everyone can imagine, of course it's not on my side. I really love my family, all the property, car in Malaysia are not under my name. I only have the ancestral home left. I never thought that something like this would happen to me, but I can't blame anyone. It's my fate." He said that the older daughter is in the university and the younger son is already 10. The last time he saw them was in December last year.

In addition, he also pointed out that earlier an old wound acted up and he had an operation in the Mainland. "Because of the old wound in my right shoulder acted up, four tendons were 70% torn so now I can't do any extraneous exercise. I can't play in a tennis match or swim freestyle."

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