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Ivana Wong is a frequent guest in comedy.  Hins Cheung is also a comedy expert.  Together in a comedy they would certain set off spark

Hins Cheung appears as a woman in a commercial
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Singer Hins Cheung King Hing plans to make a strong move in film this year, as he would team up with substance actor Michael Ning (Bak Ji) to "rob" a comedy. As for he lead actress his buddy Ivana Wong Yuen Chi would lend a helping hand, pairing with Hin Jai to fulfill his comedy dream.

Cheung King Hin has been known to have quite a sense of humor, often posting funny videos on social media. Actually he has made his "comedy dream" clear on numerous occasion, hoping to have a chance to show his humorous side and make a film and television work that would make people smile from the heart after watching. After finishing his concerts in the middle of the year, he sensed that the past 3 years of the pandemic has tortured the people Hong Kong emotionally to a new low. Thus he decided to act and started to work on the script. After months of study and preparation, the comedy film that he led has already "taken shape" and slated for a production start at the end of the month.

Hin Jai early in his career stepped foot in the film industry, participating in movies like MOMENTS OF LOVE (YUNG PO MUI YUT HAK FOR FA) and LOVE IS NOT ALL AROUND (SUP FUN OI). Later with his excellent performance in music he focused on his firepower on his music journey. The last time he participated in a movie was already 7 years ago. With an acting bug, he guest starred last year in the ViuTV series 940920 as a publishing editor. At the time he already hinted that he would "return" to film and television at any time. Thus this time he was both excited and nervous as anyone could imagine.

Reportedly Hin Jai with the full support of Emperor Motion Pictures purchased the rights to remake the Chen Bo Lin starred Taiwan comedy TREAT OR TRICK. The new film has tentatively been titled CHIU SUN GAING HAI GIP ONG (SUPER CRAZY ARMED ROBBERY CASE). He would not only produced but also star as male lead one. He would team with Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and Emperor new comer Suey Kwok Sze. In the story a cop in 48 hours had to find the diamond evidence that a buddy has stolen. He followed the mobile phone signal to a certain village, under an eerie atmosphere he began a battle of brains and brawn with the villagers. A female ghost at the time came to cause trouble as the unexpected comedy spot that connected the entire film.

Although this time would be a comedy, Hin Jai has always done things seriously. When he learned that the film would have gun fight scenes, he practiced gun holding techniques hard. The film would shoot for around two months, initially hoping to be a Year of the Rabbit Lunar New Year film next year.

Currently Hin Jai is busy with finishing the jobs on his hand, including an appearance on ViuTV's MISS MASK PAGEANT 2 on the 10th and a cosmetics brand event in the middle of the month. Then he would prepare for the production. As for the invited lead actress "Queen" Wong Yuen Chi, she is rather close personally with "His Highness" Hin Jai. They not only worked together twice at their Hong Kong Coliseum concerts, Hin Jai invited her to be the guest at his concert this year. At the time Wong Yuen Chi made a sentimental promise to "look for you in the next life", which made Hin Jai cry. Although they years ago have already done a movie together, at the time their roles were average but not major starring roles like this time. Conceivably many viewers would look forward to their unusual chemistry that would set off new sparks!

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