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As Nick Cheung turns from idol to co-star, William Chan of course is happy.

Boss Albert Yeung visits the set to cheer everyone on

Over 10 years ago Shaun Tam worked with William Chan on a movie, but this movie would be his first with Nick Cheung

Known for his acting, Tony Yang's role has a lot of potential
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William Chan, boss Albert Yeung, Nick Cheung, producer Dante Lam
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William Chan admires idol Nick Cheung for insisting to continue to work after his injury

Nick Cheung jokes that Dante Lam often tortures him

Shaun Tam gets a tan and grows facial hair for his villain role
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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai and William Chan Wai Ting in the Emperor new film had a series of action scenes. They traded pleasantries as Ka Fai praised Chan Wai Ting as agile while Chan Wai Ting praised him for toughing out his role despite his injury and was very professional. He as early as 9 years ago already made Cheung his idol.

The over HK$ 200 million Emperor film BAU LIT DIM (EXPLOSION POINT) yesterday shot on location at Central under a amber rainstorm  warning. Producer Dante Lam Chiu Yin led actors Cheung Ka Fai, Chan Wai Ting, Shaun Tam Chun Yin, Tony Yang, Wong Yau Nam, Kevin Chu Kam Yin, Dai Yiu Ming, Jonathan Cheung Wing Hong, Aiden Hung Jor Sing and others all appeared. Although the weather was unstable, their morale was not affected. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing also visited the set to cheer on the actors.

With many scenes together in the film, Ka Fai and Chan Wai Ting traded pleasantries as soon as they saw each other. Ka Fai praised Chan Wai Ting as agile, during his fight scenes he seemed like he was fully charged like an electric vehicle. "He is more agile than the current me, back then I was very agile too. Now I am a little slow, because I made less action films, haha!" He had to watch himself during running scenes and fight scenes.

Away from Hong Kong film for awhile, Chan Wai Ting felt comfortable because for several months he only focused on one movie. He pointed out that early in the production Ka Fai did not understand him. When they ran into high difficult scenes, he was often asked if he would be able to handle it. "I can't look bad in front of him, so I had to risk my life during the performance. Most of the action scenes I tried to perform myself." Ka Fai explained that he was not questioning William. "With those who aren't trained in martial arts adjustment would be hard for us. However when we took our marks and I saw him hopping around, even then I didn't know he actually was very agile. He has a lot of potential to be an action actor. Next time he can just do the fighting I would just act."

Speaking of Ka Fai's injury from jumping off an overpass, he said, "Whenever I work on Lam Chiu Yin's movies, I either had to be on fire, jump off a building or eat feces. I get tortured in particular!" William praised idol Ka Fai for his professionalism. "I don't feel like I was being abused, I am even grateful that this time I was able to work with Director Lam Chiu Yin and Brother Ka Fai. So I took even more risk. I would try not to use a double. For the shot in which Brother Ka Fai and I jumped from the overpass, Brother Ka Fai actually didn't need to personally perform it. He still insisted. The first jump went great, then with the second jump he was injured. His persistence is well worth being admired!' Would he make Ka Fai his idol? He said, "He always has been, in 2013 I mentioned it in a post." For the film he turned down many Mainland jobs. He stated that it could not be measured with money. He was also linked to supermodel He Sui. He kept responded with he was focused on work. "I am dating Mom, putting Mom on the pedestal." Director Tong Wai Hon earlier said to him that he would have a shirt removal scene, so Chan Wai Ting already worked out actively and quit sugar. Later the director said that the scene was gone, after confirmation he no longer watched what he ate. Then several days later the director suddenly wanted him to take off his clothes. Chan Wai Ting said, "That day for a scene in which I hit (Philip) Keung Ho Man, the director suddenly wanted me to take off my shirt. My chocolate bar abdominals also became a blur."

Ka Fai earlier said that for the jump he actually did not need to be there, but when he appeared on the set the director asked him to jump from the 10 foot high catwalk. "William is taller and I am shorter, when both of us jumped together my steps were messed up. Finally my left leg was injured. After two weeks so far I still have to see the doctor as it hasn't recovered yet. For now we are shooting the dramatic scenes first."

After 7 years away from film, television best actor Shaun Tam Chun Yin got both a fresh and familiar feeling. He has worked with Chan Wai Ting and Wong Yau Nam before. Instead it would be the first time he would work with Cheung Ka Fai. Playing the villain, he kept his facial hair for several months already. With his tan he frightened the teachers when he appeared at his son's first grade interviews. "I look like a drug lord and gave the headmaster a very strange impression. Maybe he thought I had mental issues! (Do you have a lot of fight scenes?) Almost all of my scenes are fight scenes, in one scene I fought with Wong Yau Nam. He took quite a beating. (Was anyone hurt?) Everyone is, but they are superficial wounds." Because they would rather get the shot in one take than keep doing another one, they fought very realistically. When he actually hit Yau Nam he too felt the pain.

Earlier when he and Ka Fai had a fight scene in Wo Hap Shek, they suffered heat strokes one after another and needed ice for relief from the heat. "In the film we had to give the impression of men on the verge, so in the heat we had to wear coats, bulletproof vests and we had to run!" Years ago he and Lam Chiu Yin worked on a TVB series together and he has worked with action director Stephen Tung Wai many times. He only hoped to be able to get the best shot. The most memorable was a chase scene that took a week of overnight shoots. When he went to get salt tablets to prevent heat stroke, the clerk asked without a marathon race why would he buy any. He joked that working with Lam Chiu Yin was tougher than an Iron Men triathlon.

Tam Chun Yin revealed that soon he would fly to Malaysia for location shoot, after which he would not have time to rest as he would return to the Mainland for a TVB modern series. He joked, "Nothing I can do, tuition is expensive and I have to make a living. However actually I haven't worked on a series in over 10 months, this time would be good. I would be able to shave and look handsome for a modern series."

Coming from Taiwan, Tony Yang worked with Cheung Ka Fai and Lam Chiu Yin for the first time. When he heard the line up he immediately agreed to come to work in Hong Kong. The media joked that he was daring, working with the "Demon Director" before considering the issue of injury. He believed that the team would protect the actors properly. He was not afraid of getting hurt and felt it would be a very valuable experience. He would come to Hong Kong for 7 or 8 days, and would miss his daughter the most. Since he had to make money he could do nothing about that, he could only have video chats everyday and would buy toys to bring back to Taiwan for her. As for his Golden Bell award nomination, Tony said that this competition would be fierce and being nominated was already great.

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