Thursday, September 29, 2022


Angela Yuen breaks into tears of joy after receiving the good news

Angela Yuen Lai Lam with the new film THE NARROW ROAD (JAT LO MEI CHUN) was nominated for the 59th Golden Horse Award Best Actress. Currently visiting England, after receiving the good news she immediately covered her face as she broke down on the streets. She wiped away her tears as she smiled. Angela shared this video on social media and said, "Sorry, I really don't want to be this lame either. However actually the body's reaction is too direct, actually I really would cry like a pig. Standing still for 5 minutes on the underground tunnel, my mind was running on high speed in hopes of being able to digest this news." She thanked NARROW lead actor Louis Cheung Kai Chung by name. "If you didn't recommend me to go to the casting, I probably couldn't possibly imagine that I would be able to master this role. When I heard from the team about your recommendation, my first reaction was super large question mark. I thought I probably have been known around the news for my long term crappy acting for a long time. Thank you Chung for seeing me at the workshop and also letting the team see me!"

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