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Karena Ng has already ditched her dream of getting married before age 30.  She is afraid that if she got married for the sake of getting married, she would regret it later

In SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE Karena Ng and Kara Wai play daughter and mother 
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Karena Ng Chin Yu and her third generation billionaire boyfriend have been together for 4 years. Their relationship has been stable, and they are companions who support each other in their pursuit of their careers. She felt that as she grew up, happiness was the most important. She already tossed aside her dream of getting married and having a family before age 30. She was afraid if she got married for the sake of getting married she would regret it later. Ultimately being a parent was not easy. Ng Chin Yu even revealed that she constantly argued with Mommy when she was younger. When she grew up she learned to repair the relationship and became like friends, very similar to her SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE character. Recently Hong Kong film box office continued to trend well, SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE after 4 days made HK$ 2.41 million, and became a commercial and critical hit.

Ng Chin Yu in the film SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE (YUT LO TUNG HUNG) played mother and daughter with Kara Wai Ying Hung. The shoot took place during the peak of the second wave of the pandemic in Hong Kong. The government enacted social distancing order. At the time everyone was in a panic and worried that the film would not be made. Even if the production began they worried that the progress would be hindered. Luckily it was completely smoothly.

Ng Chin Yu said before the shoot she met with director Judy Chu Fung Han and knew the story was her real story. After a detailed explanation, she was not too worried about the performance. Even if she had anything that she did not understand, she could ask the director on the spot. Instead she knew Sister Hung was rather strict with her demands, so she did not dare to lax off. Everyday she arrived on the set early, but the impression she got from Sister Hung was not as terrifying as expected. She said, "Sister Hung is very demanding on herself, she keeps her eyes on everything and would help with handling a lot of things. From her I learned a lot. Privately she is very chill, very relaxed, very lively."

Speaking of the argument and crying scenes with Sister Hung in the film, Chin Yu who had a similar experience said, "Every mother and daughter would argue. In the film Mommy didn't like me dating, which reminded me of my arguments with Mommy when I was younger. It felt like deja vu. After making the film, I re-examined my relationship with my family. When I was little I didn't understand too much, Form 3 was my rebellious period, I skipped school, didn't take homework seriously, pretended to leave home and went to a friend's home for peace, but in less than a few hours I went home." She said that she used to argue of Mommy constantly, they were always crossed with each other. She would lock her diary to keep her Mommy from knowing. This experience continued for almost a year. Now she has completely forgotten how mean Mommy used to look, because Mommy is very gentle with the puppy at home and very accommodating. After starting working, Ng Chin Yu became mature and her relationship with Mommy hence changed. They became like friends and she would share everything with Mommy. "She very rarely asks, mostly I would tell her automatically. Now she is like a child, when she has problems with her friends I am the one who has to talk to her, tell her not to mind, to be magnanimous, not to argue with others. When she heard she would laugh."

The currently 28 Ng Chin Yu has not yet wanted to become a mother. She said, "Friends around me have become Mama, everyday they feed and take care of the baby. I feel very tired for them, I also see that many people after marriage may not necessarily be happy; the older people get, at the risk of sounding old fashioned happiness is the most important. I used to hope to get married and have a family before 30, but now I feel age shouldn't restrict me. The most important is that I am comfortable. If I don't want to get married that I shouldn't. Happiness is enough. I can date while changing boyfriends, if I am not prepared mentally, the chance for regret is even greater. However I won't eliminate the possibility that I would wed in a flash."

In the business for 10 years, Ng Chin Yu felt like time flew by. Her state of mind had a lot of changes. "Right now I am much more mature than 10 years ago. I used to care a lot about nonsense, now I feel the feeling is the most important. I don't care what other people think in a lot of things. I want to do what I want to do well, and properly enjoy it." For the next 10 years she hoped to try even more, and not just in entertainment. Because she has always liked design, dining ware collecting and furniture, she wanted to open an antique furniture shop with friends. She also wanted to be in the restaurant business, "Because I really like to eat good food."

Ng Chin Yu and MIRROR member Anson Kong worked together on the film LOVE SUDDENLY (FUT YIN SUM DONG). She said, "It was AK's first movie and first romantic film, in addition when we started we already had to have bodily contact in a hand holding scene. So he was very nervous; after communicating, getting familiar we built a bond, then he relaxed." Aside from holding hands, they also had an embrace scene. She praised AK as sincere, honest, positive and would answer whatever question she asked.

Ng Chin Yu has been in the third generation billionaire for 4 years. Did she have to get permission from her boyfriend for the kiss scene? She said, "No need, I can do anything." She said that currently their relationship was stable. Although sometimes they would be apart, they would support each other on working on their own careers.

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