Wednesday, September 28, 2022


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The Max Zhang Jin, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Jiang Luxia starred film WOLFPACK would open today in Hong Kong; in the film many of the latest military operations would be on display, including desert sniping, indoor gun fight, close contact combat, street chases, explosions and various other battle formats. It would also be Zhang Jin and Lee Chi Ting's first contact with military action film. Thus before hand they both were very prepared, deepen their knowledge in the area and personally performed many of the action scenes!

Zhang Jin in one scene had close combat in the 30 degrees Celsius below zero extreme cold, which was also the hardest scene for him. "Because it was too cold. The film shot in Xinjiang for three months, sometimes from night to early next morning. I also had fight scenes in 30 degrees before zero, the physical requirement was highly demanding." With fight scene injury was inevitable. Zhang Jin said that with each action scene, he would have different degree of injury. No injury at all would be impossible.

Lee Chi Ting had to overcome his fear of heights as he repel on the 58 meters wall. "The film had many car chases, fight scenes in a moving car. These scenes' difficulties were even harder than actual face to face fighting. One of the scenes was the most memorable, sliding down from the top floor library on the wall as the fight went on. That scene was truly very afraid. I had a little fear of heights. That library wall was 58 meters tall, I was a little scared but I still wanted to finish this scene myself."

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