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Louis Koo unveils his onscreen "wife"
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Louis Koo hopes to cultivate even more film talent
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Louis Koo says that his One Cool film company has a 30 year film plan

WARRIORS OF FUTURE prequel animation unveils the exosuit squad female member

WARRIORS OF FUTURE opened on August 26th.  After almost one month in release, the film has reached fourth place at the top ten Hong Kong Chinese language film box office

The Louis Koo Tin Lok produced and starred film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) two days ago already passed the HK$ 61 million in the afternoon and reached fourth place among the top ten Chinese language film box office in Hong Kong. Two nights ago Goo Jai appeared at a Causeway Bay cinema, announced the company's 30 year science fiction plan and would start production on the Hong Kong team produced WARRIORS OF FUTURE prequel animation. His "wife" the exosuit team female member was also unveiled. Goo Jai also promised to make even more science fiction films, cultivate the next generation so they would be able to bring Hong Kong film all over the world once more.

Two nights ago Goo Jai attended a WARRIORS OF FUTURE special screening at a Causeway Bay cinema. After the screening Goo Jai appeared. He first thanked everyone for their support of the film. With WARRIORS passing HK$ 61 million at the box office, he hoped that WARRIORS would not only be able to reach the first place miracle, but also create even higher box office miracle. At the same time he urged that in the future he would need everyone's support even more. Goo Jai said, "When I was little Papa took me to see STAR WARS, I didn't get it at all. Back then there weren't too many special effects, only model and camera effects. However it was able to span 40 years, proving that science fiction films have affected people of different eras."

He also said that last week the director attended a computer special effect forum. Students said that they cried 3 times when they watched WARRIORS OF FUTURE. "They said when they took this course they originally were afraid that it would be futile, as many of their predecessors aren't in the business. Yet after watching the film they feel they still have a future. In the computer world there are only 0 and 1, choosing 0 would keep you in place forever. Choosing 1 and taking the first step, then they would have second, third step, even more possibilities. Hong Kong film isn't dead, it depends on how you choose. A world with choices would not be the same."

The end credit animation trailer "confidential footage" was shown. In it the "One Cool Animation Projection animation" and "prequel" could be seen. Aside from the film characters, a female character was added. The exosuit female member was unveiled, as well as a plant shaped Pandora. On the promotional footage was blurred out date of 2025 or 2026, revealing the film's planned release date.

Goo Jai also urged fan to watch to the end, and pay attention to the female exosuit warrior who was the wife of his character in the film. Having once joked that anyone who has seen WARRIORS OF FUTURE was his wife, Goo Jai responded when a female fan's joke of "Your wife is here already." He said, "No, the one in the movie." The audience after watching the around 40 seconds video applauded and cheered.

Goo Jai also announced the 30 year science fiction production plan of One Cool Film. He said that over the past 10 years step by step they achieved WARRIORS OF FUTURE. In the next 20 years, they would start production on the WARRIORS OF FUTURE animation prequel. This time they would challenge an all animated film, which would still used an all Hong Kong production team. Then they would make even more different subject science fiction films and put an effort into cultivating the next generation so they would again bring Hong Kong film all around the world. He said, "I am willing to take the first step, shoulder this responsibility and keep on going. In the future films would shrink their production time. Even crime films would have special effects. The most important is to have everyone's support, only then would I have the opportunity and the motivation to keep going."

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