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Daffy Tong uses song lyrics to remember his beloved
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Daffy Tong shares a photo with Leslie Cheung from 1998

Anita Yuen shares a photo from the set of HE'S A WOMAN, SHE'S A MAN
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Yesterday would have been the superstar of a generation Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (Gor Gor)'s 66th birthday. His beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak as usual posted a photo on social media to wish Gor Gor Happy Birthday. This year was no exception. At midnight, Tong Tong on social media posted a photo from years ago when he and Gor Gor stood together behind a birthday cake and a quote from Gor Gor's song THIS LIFETIME, "Thank destiny I ran into you..... Happy Birthday!" Fashion designer Tang Tat Chi also posted the world "Faithful". Anita Yuen Wing Yi on social media shared a photo from the set of HE'S A WOMAN, SHE'S A MAN (GUM JI YUK YIP) and wrote, "Gor Gor, Happy Birthday." Leo Ku Kui Ke posted many photos from Gor Gor's music special SUNSET PARIS. Back then, Gor Gor publicly expressed that "Double Koo One Tang" had potential, one of the "Koo" was Ku Kui Ke and the other was Louis Koo Tin Lok.

In addition, Chan Suk Fun and her son Chan Ka Ho went to Po Fook Hill to wish Gor Gor Happy Birthday. Gor Gor's friends and fans all remembered this important day. Gor Gor's friend Lin Yim Fai, former assistant Kenneth and many Hong Kong "Gor" fans brought flowers to Po Fook Hill Po Zen Hall. Although overseas "Gor" fans were unable to come to Hong Kong, they still ordered delicate floral arrangements for Gor Gor.

Chan Suk Fun prepared Gor Gor's favorite food and fruits, a "Leslie" rose lantern, and special order origami crane silver badge cake with a retro origami crane memorial silver badge that she had made for "Gor Gor's" 66t5h birthday. This birthday present just arrived in time in Hong Kong. The memorial badge used precious metal, mixed with the retro craft and unique design to continue to write "Gor Gor"'s story with the butterfly prince and origami crane, and to deliver each cheer and laughter that he saved for each "Gor" fan. On one side of the memorial badge was a butterfly that landed on "Gor Gor's" shoulder, and on other a red origami crane sang on "Gor Gor's" favorite flower rose.

This concept came from a memorable moment in 2013. At the time "Gor" fans from around the world gathered at Times Square in Hong Kong and folded origami crane at the yet to open 10 year memorial exhibit to reach the 1,956,912 origami crane Guiness world record for "Gor Gor". On the opening night of the memorial exhibit, a butterfly suddenly flew inside the venue and lightly flew a lap around all the "Gor" fans before easing onto the origami cranes that the exhibit's Cheung Kwok Wing statue held. Origami crane seemed to have connected "Gor Gor" and "Gor" fans' relationship and love. Under the pandemic, Mainland and overseas "Gor" fans were unable to come to Hong Kong but from "Gor" fans from the Mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and other places sent origami cranes to Mrs. Chan and asked her to bring their gifts to Po Fook Hill to present to "Gor Gor".

Mrs. Chan revealed that she was planning a series of 20th anniversary activities, including an exhibit and a Hong Kong Coliseum concert on April 1st next year. She hoped through a variety of activities, "Gor" fans from Hong Kong and far away would be filled with rich and full memories.

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