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Yuen Woo Ping says that he is interested in making a movie about any subject
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Famed action director and director Yuen Woo Ping yesterday attended the documentary THE NORMAL EXCEPTIONAL's sequel production start press conference. Lord Eight admitted that he did not have an understanding of autism before watching the first film, which greatly moved him. He even learned that some autistic children were geniuses, and he looked forward to taking part in the second film to discover even more and bring awareness to the growth of autistic children in the community.

As the second film's producer, Lord Eight revealed that he would invited the pillars of the Chi Ying Fung Cantonese Opera troupe Yam Dan Fung and Chi Ling Chau to perform. The script would determine whether he would appear on camera. "This time I want to contribute my abilities to let the world know that some autistic children are geniuses too. Although I have not come in contact with them, I look forward to working with them very much." Director Mark Siu thanked Lord Eight's encouragement before making the second film, citing that Yam Dan Fung and Chi Ling Chau's mentor was the late opera star Lam Ka sing's disciple. They had quite a history with Lord Eight and believed that working together they would set off new spark.

Due to the pandemic many of Lord Eight's new film projects had to be postponed, so he had time to enjoy other films. Has he seen the first Hong Kong science fiction film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI)? Lord Eight said, "I have, it was a very serious production. For the first time it was passable, it's a good thing for Hong Kong film." Would Lord Eight be interested in making a science fiction film? He said, "I want to make any and all subject, but I still need the boss to be interested. Ultimately making a science fiction film is very costly, the post production takes a long time. Finding a boss who is willing to spend money isn't easy. I believe there would be passionate bosses who would like new subjects."

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