Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Takeshi Kaneshiro in recent years has obviously reduced production, only occasionally making a commercial
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Peter Chan reveals on the program that Takeshi Kaneshiro does not really want to make movies
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Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) in recent years have drastically reduced production. Director Peter Chan Ho Sun who has worked with him on many films like PERHAPS LOVE (YU GOR OI) and WUXIA (MO HUP) recently on a ViuTV program revealed that his mind was no longer on film and he did not want to make more movies. He also said that he has invited Gum Sing Mo numerous times to work together again, but was rejected. He felt that now if he wanted to be able to get him to be in a movie, he would need at least half a year to convince him. Chan Ho Sun said, "He basically doesn't really want to make movies, he would find 100 reasons to turn them down, like 'unable to go to places without computer or the internet for shoots'." He described Gum Sing Mo as very objective and rather self conscious. He had to find his comfort zero in order to be willing to make a movie. He even revealed that while working on THE WARLORDS (TAU MING JONG), stars Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Andy Lau Tak Wa and Gum Sing Mo were all top tier actors. Getting them together was very hard. In one scene they argued to the point of almost no resolution, in a panic he could only asked Gum Sing Mo, who he was the closest to, not to chime in.

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