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Donnie Yen's past character are overflowing with masculinity

Mainland star Yukee Chen wins the role of Ah Chu, which became a hot topic in the Mainland
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The "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan is working on his new film. As Kiu Fung his costume was unveiled. He also carried Mainland star Yukee Chen Yu Qi like a princess and showed off his arm strength.

Yen Chi Tan is in the Mainland working on his 200 million yuan wu xia film production SAKRA (TIN LUNG BAK BO ji KIU FUNG JUEN). This time he would even be the producer and chief executive producer. Known to be cautious, he kept everything highly confidential before the production began. The choice for lead actress was also talked about nonstop. Recently production videos have surfaced as his "Kiu Fung" image was unveiled.

From the video, Chi Tan's appearance was drastically different from previous generations of Kiu Fung. No longer with long hair past the neck, he instead tied up his hair, wore a blue long robe and facial hair to added to the weathered look in a thorough demonstration of the Beggars Gang leader's presence. He picked up the Mainland star Yukee Chen Yu Qi who played "Ah Chu" like a princess, Chen Yu Qi looked pale and weak. With slight red eyes and a frown, the simple expression already showed the pain from her injury. Chi Tan was rather upset as he held her in his arms. Although this scene was shot many times, he still held on very steadily and impressed those online with his manliness.

In the story the Beggars Gang leader Kiu Fung faced adversity from fate and his background. With his strong will he struggled between the blades and the swords in the martial art world and gradually evolved into the "strongest hero" with a deep sense of honor.

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