Sunday, September 11, 2022


Nick Cheung stretches the injured leg on a chair and tries to massage it to ease the pain

Nick Cheung works on an overpass without a stunt double

Nick Cheung holds on with only his bare hands

Nick Cheung injures his leg on the landing, the pain from which keeps him from moving

Ka Fai tells the crew not to touch him

William Chan runs like mad all over the parking lot

Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai is throwing himself into his film production! After a long time away from working in Hong Kong, yesterday he had an accident when he jumped off an overpass at Central. After the injury despite appearing to be in a lot of pain he still toughed it out and continued to work. However the chase scene had to postpone its shoot. His co-star William Chan Wai Ting immediately helped "Big brother" and booked an appointment with a bonesetter master.

Cheung Ka Fai and Chan Wai Ting recently have been busy with the film BAU LIT DIM (EXPLOSION POINT). Playing cops they were suspicious of each other and gradually became each other's worry. Yesterday they began a chase scene at Central. The staff gathered at the location early in the morning to prepare for work. The two lead actors first finished their mad dash on the street scene. They almost collapsed from all the running. Around noon, when Ka Fai shot his jump from an overpass. When he fell onto the prepared cushions he was in so much pain that he could not move!

William and others immediately checked on Ka Fai, but Ka Fai in pain hinted to those around him not to touch him. The team later found ice for him to treat the wound and successfully ease the pain. Ka Fai after standing up had a limp as he walked, but he did not ask for the production to stop. Instead he said that he could continue. Yesterday was a holiday so getting a doctor was difficult. William immediately recommended a bonesetter master and even personally called for an appointment. Reportedly this chase scene would originally shoot for two days, but after Ka Fai's injury it has been temporarily halted and would be shot again later.

Actually Ka Fai over the years has been giving his all to film. The most memorable moment was in 2013 when he worked on UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN), due to an accident he broke his left pinky. At the time he relied on painkiller to tough it out to the end. Yet the injured pinky still could not be fully extended. Yesterday's injury to him was child's play. Speaking of action scenes taking up 70% of the film, Ka Fai admitted, "The most difficult was probably shooting a fight scenes for two days at the Fanlan cemetery under an extreme heat warning. It really was rough, someone even had a heat stroke. (Have you passed the most difficult production stage?) Of course not, the ending hasn't been shot yet. I don't dare to think about that yet." He praised co-star William for his agility and toughness. They got along famously and often talked about food. He joked that he wanted to bring "god class curry" for William to try, guaranteeing that he would never forget it with just one try.

William who said that he would be willing to work with Ka Fai for zero salary not only dyed his hair into a "silver skin head" but also dropped over 20 pounds. Due to the earlier bad weather, currently he already knew that the wrap would have to be delayed. His massive Mainland workload would have to be scheduled yet again in accommodation. He said that he was full of anticipation for BAU. "I hope this movie would be my career turning point!" Speaking of putting his luxurious home on the market earlier, William said, "My sister put it out there for me, I don't know why so many people know. Actually it's nothing special. (Has it been successfully sold?) No." On his rare return to Hong Kong, he received a visit on the set from his mother, sister, nephew and others. However the "injury" on his face kept his pair of nephews from getting close. Early next month he and Ka Fai would fly to Malaysia to wrap up BAU and would stay for a month there.

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