Thursday, September 22, 2022


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Adam Pak Tin Nam yesterday attended an event. he revealed that he would head overseas for a new film. "The last time I took a plane was two years ago when I came from Australia. I was a little scared since I wasn't used to that feeling of leaving the ground, haha!" He said that he has not seen his parents in over 2 years. He would like to go to Australia and see his family the most.

Adam revealed that it would his first time flying overseas for a film. The film would feature male characters but he would not be able to reveal any detail yet. He also said that his earlier film LOVE SUDDENLY (FUT YIN SUM DONG) was his first attempt at a romantic comedy. "The feeling was very fresh, I didn't have to play a prisoner again, haha! I played a couple with (Chloe) So Ho Yi and had a kiss scene. My first film kiss went to her. (Was the lack of any fight scene more comfortable?) In it she still slapped me a few times, I still took a beating, haha!"

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