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Since his character has a lot of emotional scenes, William Chan does not want to be distracted and would rather be alone on the set.

William Chan observes on the roof and calls the criminals on the phone
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William Chan Wai Ting two nights ago was "dirty and filthy" for his film, "enter at all your risk" throughout to control his emotions and get into his character. The script originally had him removing his shirt, so he trained several months in preparation. Then it was cancelled at the last minute, conceivably disappointing many fans!

Chan Wai Ting two nights ago braved the rain at Central to shoot a solo scene on the roof for his new film BAU LIT DIM (EXPLOSION POINT). The film initially took aim at a release for the summer vacation next year. In the story uncover officer William put his life on the line and gradually had friction with his good brother Nick Cheung Ka Fai. While dealing with criminals he even caught the entire process for blackmail!

Due to the serious story, William was solemn throughout. Before taking his mark it was "enter at your own risk" as he only quietly hid in a corner to study his script. He communicated with the producer and the crew in between. At the director's command, with blood stains all over his face he got into character completely. He took a binocular for surveillance, made a call to deal with the criminal and found that he fell into a trap. He gave his all to his performance, even when asked for multiple angles and repeated shoots, he still did them without another word.

Speaking of getting a role tailored for him, he said, "The entire film has many unexpected things that happen to me, especially in this scene I absolutely can't be distracted at all. I really need to get into it. Luckily everyone on the team has been really helping me. (What has been the most memorable?) I can't spoil anything yet, otherwise next time you visit you wouldn't see me! Haha!" Reportedly his look in the film was "beyond filthy". He said, "I can only say, the more I perform the filthier I get. (Has the work out be very tough?) Originally I knew I had a scene that would require me to take off my shirt, so I trained for 3 months. In the end it was cancelled, so I just treated it like exercise and be healthier!"

In addition, Nick Cheung Ka Fai earlier injured his leg on an overpass jumping scene. After almost a week he still has not recovered as he was still limping along as he walked. However ever the professional he has been toughing out the shoot and even shot the fight scene as scheduled; as for the running scene that was cancelled earlier due to his injury, reportedly it would be shot again within days.

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