Thursday, September 22, 2022


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Aaron Kwok earlier aggravated his old injury while working on a commercial.  At the event he appeared to be very lively
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday as the Environmental Protection Ambassador attended a chain restaurant plastic reduction event in Hung Hom and host the opening ceremony with popular cartoon character Baby Shark. Aaron saw his daughters' favorite Baby Shark could not help but hold its fin and give hearts. Kwok Fu Sing said that normally he would teach his daughters about environmental protection. In addition, he also revealed that he would plan to perform a Hong Kong Coliseum concert series next year.

In addition, Aaron also revealed that next month he would return to the Mainland for a movie, a meta universe love story that would be different from his past police, crime and legal subjects. For him it would be a new attempt. He would be paired with a Mainland actress but they would not have any intimate scene. As a father would he have any burden with making romantic scenes? Aaron said, "No baggage, it would depend on the story. As an actor I would focus on the (character) creative." He also would plan to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum next year and revealed that the company has already begun preparation. He hoped that everyone next year would be able to resume their normal lives.

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