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Ivana Wong and Hins Cheung work together on the film and declare that they have not argued

The duo grab their gears and praise their "release" as crispy

the food is popular with the team
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Hins Cheung King Hin's new film wrapped up production, so he spent 5 figures to "reward the troops" and made his co-star Ivana Wong Yuen Chi's "mood gets all better". Speaking of their fight scene, calling himself "Sham Shui Po Nicholas Tse" Hin Jai dubbed Ivana "Ngau Chi Wan Michelle Yeoh".

Hin Jai's "return after a long hiatus" to the film industry recently headed to production wrap. After around two months in production, the team has had a rather pleasant working experience. They would miss each other after the production would end. On the day of the production wrap he again put some thoughts into it, spending 5 figures to hire street food "egg waffle" and "maltose cracker" teams to visit the set and provide his teammates with hot desserts. The production team deeply welcomed the treats and frequently formed long lines. Hin Jai and Ivana took the chance to learn the trade and praised their own "releases" as crispy!

Reportedly, on the day of the production wrap Hin Jai and Ivana shot a fight scene. The film company requested confidentiality to prevent spoilers. They praised the stunt team for being attentive, for the series of fight scenes with even simpler actions they still have them very carefully just in case. Hin Jai said that he has looked forward to this production wrap major scenes for very long time and dubbed himself "Choi Hung Donnie Yen" and "Sham Shui Po Nicholas Tse". He even jokingly called Ivana "Ngau Chi Wan Michelle Yeoh". They joked, "Ultimately Jeffrey Ngai and (Angus) Yeung Tin Yue's fight scenes could be second to ours." Did anything memorable happen from working on their first film together? Ivana joked, "No argument, our relationship is still pretty good. Only the weather has impacted the shoot. To avoid the rain we had to rush the progress, so it was harder to make. I know today the egg waffle would be on him, I am very happy. All my joy is back!" Hin Jai responded, "Be careful, I might have poisoned them!"

After finishing the film shoot, Hin Jai would jump into his concert rehearsals. He revealed that for now he has no plan to invite guests. "I would sing many songs that were sung at the last concert, after the concerts I probably wouldn't have any break because I would be busy with the CHIU film release promotion." Ivana chimed in, "Then I would support you from home!" Speaking of being nominated for the 33rd International Pop Music Award but led to comparison with MIRROR, Hin Jai admitted that he had no comment. "I don't really like comparisons like that, they really are meaningless. We didn't say anything ourselves, the market naturally would have public debates."

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