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After years in retirement, Cantonese film star Patsy Ka Ling on the 21st passed away at home in Thailand. Known as the "official villain", Wong Pak Man actually was her oldest son she had before her start in the business. Because his parents were already separated in his childhood, Wong Pak Man went with his Papa overseas. Because he did not want to affect Mother, he never revealed their relationship publicly.

Wong Pak Man admitted that over the years the mother son relationship has been alienated, until when he informed his mother that he would wed in his 20's. She flew to Hong Kong the next day to prepare for his wedding. Then the mother and son relationship became closer. He said, "The last time I saw Mommy was last month. Because my sister said that Mommy's condition has deteriorated, so I went to see her. When I saw Mommy again she was already intubated in bed and unble to speak, but when she saw us she was very emotional. We couldn't understand her so she wrote with a pen. She was rather clear minded." Wong Pak Man's family yesterday has already headed to attend the funeral. He, director and actor Wong Ching Wa (originally named Wong Sha Man) and famous lyrics creator and actor Wyman Wong are cousins.

He pointed out that he was not at liberty to reveal the reason for his parents' parting. He also recalled that around 6 or 8 he "met Mother" through film. "Grandma brought me to the movies. When I saw such a beautiful woman as my Mommy, I still don't believe it." He revealed that he would collect her work in Hong Kong to bring to Thailand. However it would only purely be a collection, he would not watch the performances again.

Wong Pak Man said that he remained emotional since the passing of his mother, but felt a sense of release because Mama no longer needed to suffer. "Because she had a lot of difficulty breathing, almost everyday she needed the doctor and the medical staff to take care of her breathing issues so she could breathe easier. During that period I saw her having a very hard time. I wish Mama a safe journey." His daughter was very close to her grandmother. Wong Pak Man said that his daughter has always loved Grandma very much, after Grandma passed she cried for two days.

Speaking of the mother and son memories, Wong Pak Man said, "Every minute and every second with her was unforgettable. From now on I think every time we would take about our past with Mommy, they would be the subjects of our family gatherings." Has he kept Mother's lessons to heart? He said, "She said the most important thing in life is to be real, this was the lesson that she taught me since I was little to now." Wong Pak Man said that he did not want to reveal too much of her mother's privacy. No matter what the public said, he hoped everyone would give their family some space. He absolutely did not want to increase his exposure through the passing of Mama.

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