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For the movie Mak Pui Tung increased his weight to 200 pounds

Leung Hin Chung (Yeung Wai Lun) and Tong Man Kei (Mak Pui Tung)

THE SPARRING PARTNER is based on the 2013 son murdering parents case that rocked Hong Kong

Mak Pui Tung's character has lower IQ than normal

The character seems to have suffered plenty of bullying

The character seems would be easily used by others

Yet under the innocent face he is full of evil thoughts toward the world

His shape now does not resemble his character at all

Mak Pui Tung may look chubby but his weight has returned to 180 pounds 

For the character he gains 50 pounds 

Due to this good eating habits his weight loss is also easier 

Mak Pui Tung rapidly loses 30 pounds

Mak Pui Tung was on a  Ketogenic diet

Mak Pui Tung is asked to quit sweets, carbohydrates and sauce

The diet leaves him very frustrated at the time

Mak Pui Tung's character is vision impaired

When someone ran into him on the streets he wanted to respond with foul language

At the time he was able to lose the weight in a little over a month
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Recently highly talked about film THE SPARRING PARTNER (JING YI WUI LONG)'s lead actor Mak Pui Tung caught a lot of attention with his performance in the film. In addition she even received the 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival "New Talent Competition (Chinese Language) -- Best Actor" with the film. Many was in awe of how close to the original Mak Pui Tung's character was. Actually Mak Pui Tung for the role spent two months to gain almost 50 pounds to over 200 pounds. After the shoot was completed he immediately returned to his normal weight. In addition while in ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI) he also lost weight for the role.

Mak Pui Tung originally was a stage actor. Passionate about acting, he kept studying the character's presence and appearance after accepting the role. Although he could only study an interview video with the original figure and hi sister, he tried his best to be as close to the character as possible. When the director asked him to be "the fatter the better", he spent almost two months to go from over 150 pounds to the over 200 pounds shape everyone saw in the film. Did he have any weight gain strategy? He joked that he did not, so he could only keep eating. Two months before the shoot he began to eat five to six meals a day, sometimes he would eat like crazy. He would eat the most unhealthy food into his stomach and set aside the most  healthy ones. During the period he kept having hot pot casserole, before he slept he would have two cups of ice cream and drink several cans of cola. Thus he also created some hidden health concerns. Earlier when he had his physical examination, the doctor pointed out that his cholesterol level was slighter over and urged him to watch his diet. He was 30 something, perhaps because his weight gain his body aged. The doctor tested his body age was closer to that of someone of 50 something. Yet seeing that he was able to be as close as the character as he could, this weight gain journey was not a wasted one.

Currently he is not like how he looked in the film at all. After the shoot he has completely returned to his normal weight. When asked how he lost the weight, he pointed out that he did not deliberately. In addition perhaps because when he gained weight he ate too much. When he returned to his normal diet the weight very naturally declined. However he also quit sugar and soda. He pointed out that during the weight loss period he did it step by step, for example when he ordered lemon ice at the cafe he would first order it less sweet then not at all. Now he has already easily returned to his normal weight. Perhaps his own diet has been good and he did not eat much. He might not be able to finish an entire meal. He also liked vegetables and did not like sweets. Thus the process was not too difficult.

He also shared that before the ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SiU JI) shoot he dropped from 180 to 150 pounds. For that weight loss he was asked to quit sweets, carbohydrates, sauce and to be on a ketogenic diet. He could only have meat and vegetable. In addition at the time he had to have less fruit, like with kiwi he could only have half. He pointed out when the diet frustrated him. He would blow up the trivial stuff in life, when someone ran into him he would want to respond with foul language. During rehearsal he even realized that his memory would worsen, he would forget even what other people say the line before. With less food choices the cost also rose, at restaurant despite no sauce or rice the price was still the same. At cafes he chose salads and would spent over a hundred, after the meal he would not be full and he would be even more frustrated. At the time he coordinated exercise with diet, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday he would have training with a personal trainer, Tuesday and Thursday he would go out and run. At the time he rapidly lost weight in a little over a month.

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