Thursday, November 24, 2022


Jeffrey Ngai plans an overseas trip with his girlfriend after finishing the jobs on hand
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Jeffrey Ngai yesterday attended a mobile phone event. He said that his Emperor Motion Picture CHIU SUN GAING HAI GIP ONG (SUPER CRAZY ARMRED ROBBERY CASE) wrapped up production long ago. Recently he suddenly received a reshoot notice. He was very happy to see his friends on the team again. "I didn't know that the scene required me to take off my clothes. I immediately became unhappy. Because after the wrap I ate for a dozen or so ays, I had a lot of carbohydrates. I would have to suck in my belly then." He also asked for the team to give him two weeks to get into shape. "During this period I really haven't had anything good to eat. I plan to finish before Christmas, then I would be able to feast." He also planned a trip outside Hong Kong with his girlfriend to "recharge".

Speaking of the Korean group BLACK PINK's Hong Kong show earlier went on sale, he admitted that he tried to get tickets online but failed. He joked that he has never successfully gotten tickets and asked everyone not buy from scalpers. Hins Cheung King Hin also would perform a year crossing concert series, but he knew that Hins got into an argument with his parents over tickets. Thus he did not want to bother Hin Jai. "Last time when Kaho Hung performed, he got tickets for all of us on the team. Since he set the example, Lord Hin knows what to do!"

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