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Carol Cheng Yui Ling, Wai Ying Hung, Eileen Tung Oi Ling, Anke Bui On Kei and Rosemary two nights ago supported famous fashion designer Dorian Ho's fall and winter line.  Wai Ying Hung recently has been busy with the film TURNING POINT 2 (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN).  Later she will return to the Mainland for the film YUT BO JI SING (CITY OF ONE STEP) and played a representative mother role like "Ah Shun".  She not only had to work at a ranch but also could not wear make up to play a shepherd.  She also had to learn to milk a cow.  In the past year she has worked on movies in the Mainland.  Reporters suggested for her to look for a Mainland wealthy businessman to date.  She said, "You don't have to worry about me there, since for years I have been single.  In addition finding one wouldn't be easy.  Right now I want to buy a home the most, feeling that buying 'brick' is more stable than all investments."

Tung Oi Ling recently made a 25 minute long film in Hong Kong.  After years away from film she said that returning to her old job felt good.  Actually she would like to participate in more films, but her 8 year old son did not appear to be happy when she constantly returned home late or not at all.  Thus she decided that children came first.

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