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Qin Hailu
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Carina Lau and Sandy Lam.  Carina Lau receives 99 white roses from someone anonymous despite her Best Actress defeat.
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The Golden Horse Award has come to an end.  One of the jury members Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) stated that this year's judging process was fair and sensible.  Most of the jury did not know the final result.  The longest discussion was for the "Best Director" award, after three rounds of vote Ann Hui On Wa edged out LET THE BULLETS FLY's Jiang Wen and WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW: SEEDIQ BALE's Wei Te-Sheng.  The second high scorer for Best Actress was Shu Qi, and Best Actor Andy Lau Tak Wa narrowly beat Ge You.

Ko Chen-Tung won the Best New Performer.  Cheung Ngai Ga said, "The New Performer award passed with one round, relying on the actor's strength and performance."  Back stage she praised Eddie Peng Yu-Yen for his infinite potential, only that this year's Best Actor competition was too strong.  As for Best Feature Film SEEDIQ BALE, Korean jury member Lee Chong-Dong said that the film won due to its inspiration for national films worldwide.

Mainland Best Actress Qin Hailu was nominated for Best Actress but finally won Best Original Screenplay.  Before presenting the award to herself, she joked on stage that the Golden Horse had a conspiracy.  Yet when director Fruit Chan Gor announced her name, she was very surprised.  She joked, "If you knew I really would win, I wouldn't have said that!"

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