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Tony Leung Chiu Wai in THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI) played the title role and performed highly difficult magic tricks like real magicians.  Behind his success, Wai Jai before the film studied for more than half a year with the film's magic instructor Benz Kong To Hoi.  Wai Jai even learned the reasoning behind "spectators are baffled, administrators are clear minded".

When Wai Jai on the stage performed making his female assistant disappear on the stage, he took only three seconds.  Zhou Xun who was in the audience had more than compliments for Wai Jai's performance.  Her seventh concubine character in the film was the object of affection of both the talented Wai Jai and powerful Lau Ching Wan.  Zhou Xun felt very spoiled because both were Best Actors who were deeply popular with the ladies.  In reality would she choose a talented or a powerful boyfriend?  She said, "Those doesn't matter, talented or powerful aren't important.  I would look at that person's heart.  The most important is kindness, as long as he loves me he is fine.  the rest are secondary."  Finally she joked that all the conditions together would make her dream lover.

Wai Jai learned a lot from magic.  He thought magic was just like life, both fantastic and real.  "When a magician is on the stage, he is the person who is the most certain about the entire performance.  On the other hand, people off stage are baffled but remains on the surface as the person on the stage leads them around.  This is 'spectators are baffled, administrators are clear minded'."

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