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Benny Chan Ho Man's apology was not accepted
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Joe Ma Tak Chung and Benny Chan Ho Man have both apologized for the alleged molestation of Rose Chan Ka Wun at a Hengdian night spot.  Rose's manager Sin Kwok Lam yesterday along with TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling held a press conference to announce the acceptance of Ma Tak Chung's apology.  He also said that while question his disciple Rose, he slapped her and called her dumb; as for Chan Ho Man even including when to bow on his cheat sheet, everyone knew how sincere he was so he did not consider whether to accept his apology.  Ms. Lok also revealed that Ma Tak Chung's wife has already flown to Hengdian to support her husband, thus the divorce was just a rumor.

Ms. Lok stated that Ma Tak Chung was a TVB artist and has come to an agreement with Master.  She said, "Before the press conference I called Ma Tak Chung.  He asked me to thank Master Sin and Ka Wun's family for their understanding and support."  Then Master Sin stated that Ma Tak Chung after the incident through many friends including Ms. Lok explained to him, but he first had to get a clear understanding from Rose before making a decision.  Ma Tak Chung admitted that at the time Chan Ho Man did something that he should not have, but he did not help.  By law and reason he did not live up to his duty and morally he was wrong.  As for Ma Tak Chung went to hold Rose when she was helpless and made people feel that he was taking advantage, Master Sin asked Rose about that.  She said that Ma Tak Chung strongly pulled her over and whispered to her whether she was okay, but he did not make sensitive bodily contact.  Master Sin also said that only Ma Tak Chung's method of consolation made others misunderstand, which was understandable.  Master Sin said, "After discussing it with Rose's family, we feel we can accept his apology.  (Then have you accepted Chan Ho Man's apology?)  One didn't take advantage, one acted obviously and severely.  I saw his so-called apology so today I won't consider answering whether to accept his apology."  As for rumors that Rose hooked up with Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Master Sin hoped that everyone would stop any further speculation.  He also said that Tin Ming was like a nephew and has sent numerous text messages to apologize to him.

As for Ma Tak Chung's divorce rumors, Ms. Lok said that Mrs. Ma was in the Mainland to support and accompany her husband.  They should not have any problem.  As for Rose's claim that Chan and Ma turned into someone else, Master Sin said that because Rose hoped that Ma Tak Chung would lend a hand she felt disappointed.  Has he questioned what Rose said, "I asked her about every photo, I asked why she was so close with others and made people the wrong impression, but she couldn't answer.  So I slapped her and called her stupid, why didn't she leave.  Afterward I thought I was excessive because she was the victim.  However I haven't officially apologized to her yet.  Actually I only raised my hand because I cared."

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