Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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Hyman Chu, Rebecca Zhu, Whitney Hui, Nicole Leung
courtesy of takungpao.com

Miss Hong Kong Rebecca Zhu, Hyman Chu, Whitney Hui, and Miss International Goodwill Nicole Leung two nights ago attended a TVB event.  Rebecca Zhu has already completed the film TURNING POINT 2
(LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN).  How did she feel she did?  She said that she has not seen it yet and will wait until the December 20 premiere to watch with the audience.  She also revealed that she had a lot of fun working with the cast.  "This time I just guest starred, but this chance was very rare.  (Did you have many bad takes?)  Yes, but they weren't too many."

Actually this time Rebecca Zhu had the most scenes with Francis Ng Chun Yu.  She said, "He and I have a long distance exchange.  He indeed lives up to his Best Actor status, with just a look that he tossed over he already had drama, so he was able to bring me into character."  Other actors were very friendly.  They knew she was very nervous about her first movie so they gave her some advice.

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