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The Wei Te-Sheng directed SEEDIQ BALE two nights ago held a promotion in Hong Kong.  The director attended with actors Chie Tanaka and Nolay Piho (Lam Hing Toi).  Van Fan Yat Sun despite not being in the film still came in support.

Wei Te-Sheng said that he was very nervous about the film's Hong Kong release but believed that the audience would be very satisfied, as this film had a full range of emotions.  This time the film was an epic unlike last time with CAPE NO. 7.  Speaking of the box office, Wei Te-Sheng said that it had to be taken slowly as he believed the film will have momentum.  This film will be released in two parts.  He believed that the first film will perform better at the box office because the audience will only watch the second after watching the first.

Chie Tanaka has been to Hong Kong in the past and even spent Christmas here.  She thought that Hong Kong had a great Christmas atmosphere.  After CAPE NO. 7, she worked with Wei Te-Sheng again.  Tanaka pointed out that they still had chemistry.  The director's relationship with her was like a mentor and a friend.  She knew that the director had a tough time with this film, which broke her heart.  Speaking of her home Japan, Chie Tanaka said that she has not returned to Japan in a year and hoped that Japan will quickly recover.  She also thanked the people of Hong Kong for raising funds.

Van Fan Yat Sun came to Hong Kong to support the director and hoped that they would have the chance to work together again.  Speaking of the recent YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE fever in Hong Kong, Fan Yat Sun admitted that he was very happy and hoped that Taiwan films will perform better and better and Chinese films will be able to reach the entire world.

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