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Ricky Hui broke down every time he performed APPLAUSE BEGINS

Ricky Hui in MR. VAMPIRE
MR. VAMPIRE disciple Ricky Hui and master Lam Ching Ying both passed on the 14th

Hui Koon Mo led Ryan and Scott Hui to the mortuary
Ryan Hui
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Bringing to life many little characters and known as Pufferfish, Richy Hui Koon Ying two days ago passed away due to possible heart condition at the age of 65.  The news of Hui Koon Ying's passing shocked his family and artists in the industry.  Despite his show business performance not being at the level of his brothers Michael Hui Koon Man and Sam Hui Koon Kit, he has played many classic characters and brought endless happy memory to the audience.  Yesterday his fans, netizens and artists all remembered him online.

Hui Koon Ying's heart actually has always had problems.  He just had an operation a year ago and had to rely on a cardiac pacemaker.  Yesterday morning Hui Koon Mo and Hui Koon Kit's sons Ryan, Scott and his wife went to the Fu Shan mortuary to take care of his affairs.  Hui Koon Mo said that so far they still have not decided on what ceremony the funeral will be.  The cause of death would have to wait for the autopsy and would not have a report until a few days later.  He believed that it would be related to his heart disease.  Hui Koon Mo said that two nights ago Hui Koon Ying's assistant had an appointment with him to discuss him but could not contact him.  Later he contacted his family and the police, as well as a getting a locksmith to unlock the door at his home.  He said, "Earlier he has fainted at home before.  The doctor after
examination wanted to put a pacemaker in his heart.  Recently we have always been in contact."  When asked whether he had any unfulfilled wish, he said that he did not know.  However his Japanese girlfriend has been informed of his death.  He did not know whether she was in Hong Kong or whether she would attend the funeral.

Hui Koon Ying was born in 1946 in Guangzhou.  He has five siblings.  The boys were named Man, Mo, Ying and Kit.  Hui Koon Ying was the third.  As adults, oldest brother Hui Koon Man graduated with a
sociology degree from Chinese University and later became the film industry's "cold faced comedian"; Hui Koon Kit graduated from Hong Kong University with a psychology degree and was called "Song God".  Hui Koon Ying did not go to the university.  After graduation he worked as an office assistant.  Later he joined the Shaw's training class.  Hui Koon Ying said that he was never envious of his brothers' achievements and joked that he was only a small character.  Hui Koon Ying in 1971 joined the Shaw Brothers' actor training class.  In 1974 with Hui Koon Man and Hui Koon Ying he created the Hui Brothers film company.  Later Hui Koon Ying and brothers Hui Koon Man and Hui Koon Kit starred in many classic
comedies included GAMES GAMBLERS PLAY (GWAI MA SEUNG SING), THE PRIVATE EYES (BOON GUNG BAK LEUNG), THE LAST MESSAGE (TIN CHOI YU BAK CHI), and THE CONTRACT (MAI SUN KAI).  In films he often played the small time comedy character that was picked on.  In 1985 Hui Koon Ying with MR. VAMPIRE reached his performance peak.  The film was not only a box office hit but he also received a Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor nomination.  However he stuck to his principles, feeling that he should be the lead he turned down the nomination.  Hui Koon Ying was also a singer with hits like MONEY CHILL (FAT CHIN HONG), RUTHLESS NIGHT COLD WIND (MO CHING YEH LAN FUNG) and SISTER SHRIMP AND YOU (HA MUI GUNG NEI).  Hui Koon Ying has never married and no children.  In recent years he had a Japanese girlfriend.

Hui Koon Ying's nephews, Hui Koon Kit's sons Scott Hui Wai Kuk and Ryan Hui Wai Yan yesterday posted many photos with their uncle.  Scott posted, "To my dearest Uncle Ricky, Thank you for all the memories and the love.  You will be missed.  Love you!  R.I.P." and "Thank you for spoiling us with all your toys, games and laughter :)"  He also thanked everyone for their concern and reminded everyone that at was time to remain happy with their families.  Ryan Hui posted, "Goodbye Uncle Ricky!  Your love, care and sweet humor will be missed forever...R.I.P."  Hui Koon Man's daughter Hui Si Hung also remembered her uncle online, "Thank u Uncle Ricky for all the funny jokes and faces...u are always our FUN Uncle Ricky!!!  Always..."

Raymond Wong Pak Ming yesterday at an event was very surprised and saddened.  His deepest memory was from working with him on the film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO (FA TIN HEI SI).  At the time everyone had a lot of fun.  He also asked him to play Sam Hui Koon Kit's mother.  During breaks, Hui Koon Kit played the guitar while he and Hui Koon Ying fought over the microphone to sing.  They also dined together;  however, he said that in recent years he had less contact with Hui Koon Ying and did not
know about his wishes.  He said, "He had no wife, no child, no award, I believe that was his three greatest regrets."  He pointed out that Hui Koon Ying was the most fun among the brothers.  He did not mind too much either.  He was a nice guy and this time should be a great loss to the entertainment industry.

Sima Yin has known Hui Koon Ying for years.  She was very heart broken to hear the news.  She pointed out that Hui Koon Ying was attentive.  When they worked on a film together, he once gave her a swallow shaped pin to her because her name had the word "Yin".  She said, "He was very friendly and familiar, but sometimes he also seemed like he had a lot on his mind."  Rosanne Lui San recently performed on tour with
Hui Koon Ying.  She said that she has known him since 1977.  At the time they met while performing in Singapore and became friends.  She felt very saddened that her good friend passed away.

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  1. Sad news for all his fans around the world. He was a really reliable source of humor in the movies he performed in. You can see my review in his honor here. RIP Ricky Hui.