Thursday, November 17, 2011


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The Peter Ho Yun Tung starred COLD STEEL has already been selected for this year's Palm Springs Film Festival.  Director David Wu Dai Wai said that he had a lot of confidence in this film.  He would like to win the Best Editing award the most and hope that Ho Yun Tung, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Xiao Songjia to be able to win acting awards.

Ho Yun Tung and Xiao Songjia in the film had daring love scenes.  In the film the Xiao Songjia played tea house owner was very active in love, while Ho Yun Tung played a kid who was still "green" about love.  Thus Xiao Songjia in the film had to be Ho Yun Tung's mentor in love.  Ho Yun Tung once said, "Spark flew all over during this collaboration, Xiao Songjia's performance in the film was especially vivid.  For passion scenes for example, if actresses hold back actors would be in trouble and could be in character.  Xiao Songjia not only was not reluctant but was also able to coordinate with me, which made getting into characters easier for us."  This performance was the most daring for both Ho Yun Tung and Xiao Songjia in their careers.

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