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The 48th Golden Horse Film Festival's 10+10 film joint creative project opened already.  The film consisted of 20 directors' 5 minute short films.  Participating directors included Kevin Chu Yen Ping, Wu Nien-Jen, Chang Tso-Chi, Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), Chen Kuo-Fu, Leon Dai, Wei Te-Sheng, Hou Hsiao-Hsien and others.  Golden Horse chair Hou Hsiao-Hsien worked with Shu Qi and Mei Fang on THE GOLDEN STRING.  In the story a mother was afraid that her daughter would need money after marriage and left her a gold tile, which symbolized inheritance.  Hou Hsiao-Hsien said that "gold" was something that absolutely would not change, and "string" was a value and a belief.  "Golden String" meant a value that would not change.

Shu Qi, Mei Fang and Director Hou earlier appeared at the opening ceremony press conference.  Director Hou praised Shu Qi's deeper and deeper acting abilities.  She only needed the slightest of hints to be able to perform the feeling that he wanted.  However Shu Qi said that some of THE GOLDEN STRING's content was too impractical.  For example in the film the mother wanted to give her daughter gold for emergency money.  Shu Qi said that after the film she went home and asked her mother for gold.  Finally her mother said, "You have to give it to me, not me to you."  She joked that now the times have changed, daughters had to buy gold for mothers.

Shu Qi with BEAUTIFUL LIFE received a Golden Horse Best Actress nomination.  When asked about her confidence, Shu Qi humbly said, "Actually I feel like I already got it.  The nomination to me already is a type of recognition.  The competition actually is very strong."  As for the now very popular Michelle Chen, Shu Qi had nothing but compliment for her potential.  She said that in HEAR ME Michelle Chen has already touched her.  Director Hou said that Taiwan film's potential has already reached a mature level and even saw a lot of variety in Taiwan film development, which was Taiwan's advantage.

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