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Although YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE has been a Hong Kong and Taiwan box office hit, director Giddens Ko and Michelle Chen did not win the Golden Horse Best New Director and Best Actress.  However they still attended the celebration after the show and were happy for the Best New Actor Ko Chen-Tung.  Executive producer Angie Chai once stated that the winner would receive her big red pocket of NT$1 million.  Two nights ago at the celebration, Ko Chen-Tung excitedly displayed the check.  How would he use it?  Ko Chen-Tung said that he would give some of it to his parents and take them to visit either Paris or India.  The rest would be shared with the team in appreciation of their help, with very little left
for himself.  Two nights ago his parents and brother also attended in support.

Ko Chen-Tung gave special thanks to director Giddens Ko for giving him the courage to play this film.  He also declared that he loved his co-star Michelle Chen very much, only because of her he had the chance to step foot into the Golden Horse Award.  He pointed out that the award made his age 20 perfect.  Because the Best New Actor award was once in a lifetime, to him it was very valuable and it felt great to win.  Speaking of his red underwear, he joked that red underwear was the most basic item at award shows.  From now on when he will compete for other awards, he will wear red underwear.

Ko Chen-Tung also said that he was very happy to run into his idol Shu Qi.  As for Michelle Chen she also had the chance to meet her idol Andy Lau Tak Wa.  Wa Jai even expressed on stage that he loved her very much.  Michelle Chen excitedly said, "At that moment, I felt I had enough today, whether I won or not it was not important.  YOU gave me a lot of things, in particular the love of viewers was my greatest reward."  Michelle Chen said that she has been Wa Jai's fan since she was little.  She asked Wa Jai whether they will have a chance to work together.  When Wa Jai said definitely, she felt like she was dreaming.  Would she get a share of her co-star's NT$1 million cash prize?  Michelle Chen joked that she definitely will chase him down for it.

Giddens Ko said that he ran into Wa Jai in the bathroom.  Wa Jai tapped him on the shoulder and encouraged him not to give up.  He even said that he had to work hard for years before his achievements today, which made him feel warm.  Before the race Ko Chen-Tung was considered the dark horse.  Some online criticized him for "defeating three shotguns with one handgun (masturbation)", Giddens Ko hoped that no one would be pity.  Nominees should be happy but when they do not win they should face reality, at the same time wish the competition well and examine themselves.  Ko Chen-Tung did not mind the criticism and in the future he will challenge different film standards.

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