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The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2011 two nights ago held a closing ceremony in Central IFC.  The new film LET'S GO (PO WAI JIN DUI ji CHOOK DUNG LA!  PUNG YAU!) was the closing film.  This Hong Kong Asian Film Festival ambassador Juno Mak Chun Lung along with the actors in the film Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Pat Ha Man Jik, Jimmy Wang Yu, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) and Wen Chao attended.

Mak Chun Lung said that last year with the film REVENGE: A LOVE STORY (FOOK SAU JEH ji SEI) he went to many nations' film festivals.  This year with LET'S GO as the 2011 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival closing film, he felt very honored.  Mak Chun Lung said after watching LET'S GO he felt very satisfied.  This film actually was a salute to the late Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing.  Mak Chung Lung said, "This film's cartoon version theme song was the Cheung Kwok Wing performed SPACE GOD EMPEROR SIGMA, which is a salute to him."  Mak Chun Lung revealed that in order to make this new film he worked on an indoor battle scene for over ten days.  He spent all day in smoke for the shoot.  Finally he, the director, Cho Gat and others were sick from the smoke.  However they were able to successfully complete the shoot.

Tang Lai Yun and Mak Chun Lung played a couple, but they did not have any rumor before and after the shoot.  Tang Lai Yun said, "Luckily we were not linked in rumors.  In the past whenever I made new films I had rumors.  This time we in the film did not have any kiss or intimate scene."  Tang Lai Yun revealed that in the film had fight scenes with Lam Ka Tung.  She even made up her own new style.

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