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The Taiwan Golden Horse Award nominee party took place last night in Hsin Chu, on the eve of the award presentation nomination certificates were presented to the nominees.  This year's Golden Horse Best Actress favorite Deanie Ip Tak Han met "otaku goddess" Michelle Chen for the first time.  Like a little fan Michelle Chen was very excited to see Ip Tak Han.  She could not help herself as she ran on stage for a photo with her and even gave her a loving embrace.  After the photo she was teary eyed.  Michelle Chen said, "She has been my idol since I was little.  The first time I saw her I only dared to look from afar."  Giddens Ko said, "Ip Tak Han has a lot of momentum, as soon as she appeared everyone applauded.  After seeing her I really wanted to console Michelle Chen."  Ip Tak Han is the fresh out of the oven Venice Best Actress.  When asked how she would defeat Ip Tak han for the Golden Horse Best Actress and whether she was worried that she would suffer the same fate as Golden Bell television Best Actor Will Pan (Poon Wai Pak), Michelle said, "If the award would really go to me, that meant that the jury truly recognized me."

Full of smile, Ip Tak Han said that everyone had an equal change.  She felt very lucky to be nominated and looked forward to YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE.  "It was just released in Hong Kong, every show was sold out and I couldn't get a ticket!"  For this Golden Horse Awards, Ip Tak Han brought over 40 pairs of gloves and picked the pretty pair.  She also prepared three dresses that Andy Lau Tak Wa's concert designer designed.

Taiwan film SEEDIQ BALE yesterday drew first blood with the Golden Horse Audience Choice Award.  Director Wei Te-Sheng said that today he will follow the aboriginal tradition and slaughter eight boars to celebrate in advance.

"Thank you very much.  I can sense the viewers' recognition of this film with this award.  (Are you confident about a sweep?)  I originally wasn't nervous, after the media said the film was the favorite then the pressure mounted.  I want to win Best Picture the most.  Tomorrow we will follow the Seediq tradition and slaughter eight boars to celebrate in advance."

The FIPRESCI Prize went to THE PIANO IN A FACTORY.  Its Best Actor nominee Wang Qianyuan accepted the award.

Jimmy Wang Yu yesterday attended as the Best Supporting Actor nominee after his stroke.  He said, "Fortunately I have no major health issues.  (Will you act again?)  I am not mobile, don't speak clearly, I can't control the left side of my face, I can't make any expression.  No one will make me any offer."  Ko Chen-Tung and SEEDIQ's three new actors compete for Best New Actor.  He said, "The award is already in Nolay Piho's pocket, but I will still wear red underwear for luck."

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