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Raymond Wong Pak Ming two nights ago as the producer along with director Wilson Yip Wai Shun and the previous generation of Happy Girls Charine Chan Ka Ling, Gigi Fu Ming Hin, Law Ming Chu and the new generation Happy Girl Karena Ng Chin Yu attended a "MAGIC TO WIN JOURNEY OF MEMORY".  Although over 20 years separated the two generations, they still happily gathered together.

Speaking of Rose Chan Ka Wun's incident, Wong Pak Ming said that he was uncertain about the matter.  How did he manage the group of girls then?  He said that artists who he managed were very nice because he was very strict, like no smoking or foul language on the set.  If he knew someone was smoking he would inspect handbags.  He also revealed that once he heard a girl went to a dance club and he immediately went to retrieve her.  Finally he saw Fennie Yuen Kit Ying.  Did he teach the girls how to protect themselves?  He said that the times are already different, teaching protection would be hard.  In the past he promoted across many countries without any similar incident.  He also praised Ng Chin Yu as very nice.  This time after the shoot she immediately returned home.

Ng Chin Yu heard about Chan Ka Wun's encounter, but she was not afraid of promoting in the Mainland because she was under the care of the boss and the director.  Her assistant would also accompany her.  Was her family worried?  She said that they would not be because she often talked to her family about her working conditions.  Her parents would also communicate with the boss.  She also said that the after the shoot meals were with people who she was familiar with.  Embraces with good friends were very normal.  If she was with strangers she would leave first.

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