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Japanese actor Yasuaki Kurata has been in many classic Hong Kong films.  In his 40 years in the business, he has always treated Hong Kong as his second home.  Kurata 30 years old opened several karate schools.  Recently he chose Hong Kong to be the location for its first overseas school.  Yesterday an opening ceremony was held in Causeway Bay.  Ti Lung, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Leung Siu Lung and Ting Yu came to congratulate him.  Pseudo models Hidy and Rika even learned from Yasuaki Kurata on the spot and made kung fu poses.

Yasuaki Kurata yesterday demonstrated punches and push ups and showed that he was as fit as ever.  Would he instruct himself?  He said, "I would, perhaps Japanese disciples would instruct.  Actually the most important lesson is personal etiquette."  Speaking of Ricky Hui Koon Ying's passing, Yasuaki Kurata said that he has worked with Sam Hui Koon Kit and they were friends.  However he has met Hui Koon Ying several times and thought he was very gentle and always had a smile.  Was the news of Ah Ying's passing sudden?  He said, "I am 66, these things are inevitable.  Being younger than me was a little more heart breaking."

Ti Lung knew Yasuaki Kurata for a long time and praised Yasuaki Kurata for being casual and punctual as well as a humble learner.  His martial art was different from others.  He said, "He is a very outstanding actor.  He is very enthusiastic about martial art and contributes to it."  Has he sparred with Yasuaki Kurata?  He said, "On the set we have, but he was at more of a disadvantage because he played a villain.  If I played the role I wouldn't be able to handle it."  Speaking of Hui Koon Ying's passing, Ti Lung said that they constantly ran into each other.  He was upset about this because they constantly had coffee and chatted.  He said, "He was a very easy going and gentle person. I hope through here to send my condolences to the Hui family."

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