Thursday, November 24, 2011


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The CAPE NO. 7 director Wei Te-Sheng directed, John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) produced, over NT$700 million Taiwan film SEEDIQ BALE has performed ideally since its release in Taiwan so far.  As of Monday, PART I AND II accumulated NT$800 million.  PART I alone has already exceeded NT$480 million.  From the current trend it is extremely likely that it will break CAPE's 2008 record of NT$530 million to become Taiwan's highest grossing local film.  Reportedly SEEDIQG in Taiwan even started a "group viewing" fever as many film lovers met up to watch both parts on the same day.

In Hong Kong, PART I opened officially Thursday.  Although when it opened it only was shown on 16 screens.  Yet after five days it still made over 730,000 at the box office and placed third among films that were released in the same period.  About the current trend, SEEDIQ's Hong Kong distribution company stated that it was satisfied and screen numbers were on the rise.  "Since the opening all the screens have almost 90% admission rate.  Many cinemas are fighting to show SEEDIQ.

Wei Te-Sheng admitted that he was excited to hear that his big production that was 12 years in the making was a hit in Hong Kong too.  He said, "I thank Hong Kong viewers for liking SEEDIQ.  I hope we will be
able to make time very soon to show viewer appreciation with the cast.  I also thank the Hong Kong cinema circuits for their support so even more Hong Kong viewers will be able to witness our dream."

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