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Cherie Chung Chor Hung, Cissy Wang, Hilary Tsui Ho Ying and Nicola Cheung Sun Yu two nights ago attended a shoe label event.  Just returning from overseas, Hung Goo admitted that she paid attention to the recent Rose Chan Ka Wun incident.  "I have heard about it.  (Have you been taken advantage of when you were making movies?)  I rarely go to night spots.  In the past after work I went home.  I was very boring."  Hung Goo said that certainly some people would act up using drinking as an excuse.  If she ran into men who could not keep their hands to themselves she definitely would strike back.  "I can't accept that, I definitely would kick and hit him until he dropped dead.  I would use all my power to resist, I can let something like this happen to me."

Earlier reports claimed that Donnie Yen Chi Tan ignored his mother's illness and went on a holiday with his wife instead.  Cissy clarified, "When Mother in Law was young her kung fu was amazing, which unfortunately also left her with many injuries.  Now occasionally she would have nerve pains.  Chi Tan and I have been looking for Chinese medicine practitioner for her.  Every time when we traveled we would discuss Mother in Law's condition with doctors there."  As for Chi Tan's father had to sell a home to treat his wife, Cissy explained that home sale was her father in law's interest.  Their home absolutely did not have any financial trouble.  "When the report came out I called Father in Law.  He said very funny and even asked reporters to approach him directly.  Unfortunately Chi Tan was very angry because this time exceeded our bottom line.  Now Chi Tan is considering legal action."

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