Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Currently working on the film BRONZE SPARROW PAVILION in Beijing, Chow Yun Fat who played Cao Cao joined the team and security measures were obviously increased.  Fat Gor also continued his usual low key friendly ways.  After work he dressed casually and went with his assistant to a hot pot casserole shop for dinner.

Chow Yun Fat recently has been working on the historical epic film BRONZE SPARROW PAVILION in Beijing.  The film cost 130 million RMB.  In the studio a palace was constructed.  Playing Cao Cao in the film Chow Yun Fat's costume was finally unveiled.  With a golden crown his costume was edged with gold and a giant gold chain on his chest.  When he was waiting for his mark he had no expression, as if he was pondering his character.

According to the team, since Chow Yun Fat joined the team security measures have been elevated.  A phones and camera ban was put in place and enforced.  Chow Yun Fat's production schedule strictly adhered to the Hollywood style and ended around 4PM.  Well dressed during the shoot Chow Yun Fat after work would drop his star status as he wore a down jacket and hat and dined with a male assistant at a hot pot casserole shop.  He looked relaxed as he chatted and laughed.

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