Monday, November 7, 2011


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According to Mainland reports, Irene Wan Bik Ha and Law Kar Ying have accepted Yunnan Boyen Cultural Media's new concept film SE SHANG; the company even signed an advertising contract with other companies and stated to advertisers that it has already signed an agreement with Law Kar Ying and Wan Bik Ha.  This company reportedly had a history of fraud, producer Deng Kai was even unveiled at the Yunnan Television Station news.

Wan Bik Ha yesterday issued a statement to clarify that she has neither accepted the role nor signed any contract.

"In regard to the film SE SHANG production start reports that claimed Wan Bik Han had a part in the film, I state that I have not accepted this film or sign any film contract.  I have only discussed the script in initial contact.  As for the rumored producer Deng Kai using me to attract advertisers and displaying a contract copy in an attempt to swindle numerous companies for as much as 800,000 RMB in product placement fees, if it is true I would reserve the right to take legal action."

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