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THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) shot on location in Malaysia and successfully applied to shoot an action scene between Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) and villains at a private hospital.  This private hospital was a heart specialty hospital.  All of its patients were heart patients.  In order to avoid scaring patients, loud scenes like gun fights and explosions must be strictly controlled.

Chairman Chou shot a highly difficult building jump scene at the hospital as he jumped from a seventh floor air conditioner to a sixth floor one.  With the pouring rain that day, the outdoor shoot was more difficult.  Chairman Chou in order to challenge himself chose to perform the stunt himself and gave his first building jump to director Dante Lam Chiu Yin.  His professionalism was commendable.  Chairman Chou said, "The jump from the seventh floor to the sixth floor seems to be just one floor, but I still feel my knees getting weak.  However actually it was very fun, such an experience wouldn't happen normally."  Chairman Chou while shooting accidentally slipped and lost his balance.  He almost fell directly to the ground.  Luckily he was agile enough to grab the metal rack nearby to prevent the accident.

Lam Chiu Yin admired Chairman Chou's courage and thanked him for trusting him.  "Although it was my first collaboration with Chow Kit Lun, he trusted me very much.  He never asked me 'why' before trusting me.  That jump required a lot of courage.  He has never been in such a stunt before.  In addition he was very mild mannered, so I really appreciated his hard work."

Also, Chairman Chou also had close combat scenes.  He said, "In the film I had to fight bare hand, which to me was a huge challenge."  Although it was difficult, Chairman Chou also said that he thought being a part of THE VIRAL FACTOR was worth it.  He also thought that in life he must have some memorable things, and a film was a great documentary.  "THE VIRAL FACTOR is worth making.  In the future when I will share the experience with my child, I will tell him, 'Look, your Pa used to be able to fight very well.'"

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