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In MAGIC TO WIN (HOI SUM MOR FAT) the earth element magician Wu Chun and the fire element magician Wu Jing had a fight scene.  Known as the strongest on Earth, Wu Jing has always been known as an agile fighter.  Action scenes should be easy for him.  Yet running into Wu Chun he felt pressure.  Wu Jing joked, "Because Wu Chun is truly too handsome and has many fans, you know in fight scenes punches and kicks have no eyes.  If I wasn't careful and hit him, I was really afraid that his fans would scold me.  Actually I know Wu Chun before the shoot worked on several action films.  He has always been athletic so his reaction was very fast.  He is so big that I am afraid of him getting me!"

Wu Chun said, "Lord Jing can fight, everyone knows that.  I cannot possible fight him.  Before this scene I was very nervous, I practiced a few times with Lord Jing and the action director.  In this scene I had to jump between book shelves.  Since those book shelves moved I would fall to the ground with any misstep.  Thus it really was not easy at all.  I had to work on 'wires' and remember my marks, as well as the action and acting, this scene truly was very tough and took two full nights to finish."

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