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Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Linda Wong Hing Ping, Carlo Ng Ka Lok and Chan Jin Peng two nights ago attended the Taylor Made-adidas Golf all new concept store opening.  A magazine published even more photos from the Rose Chan Ka Wun's allegedly molestation incident, in several she was even smiling and made people feel that at the time she actually was having fun with Benny Chan Ho Man and Joe Ma Tak Chung.  Tin Ming said that he was not interested in seeing those photos because the incident already took place.  He did not want to say much about the incident either.  He said, "I no longer have any impression of what happened, so I don't want to respond further."

Tin Ming reiterated that earlier he has already spoken from the heart.  With both parties being his friends, he was stuck in the middle.  In addition the matter began with him and now involved legal responsibility, he only wanted to quiet down and gave everyone space.  Did he feel the incident disturbed him?  Did his father yell at him?  He said, "Daddy didn't yell at me, only urged me not to respond further.  He was afraid that the more I spoke the worse I got because listeners could misunderstand my meaning.  Thus I would rather not make a sound.  (Would you do something for them?)  I have done what I should do.  I have already apologized to Rose and Ho Man, I hope everyone would give Ho Man a chance to change.  (Rose was smiling in many photos, would you vindicate her?)  I have no impression of what happened then, but she is very happy and can easily get along with everyone.  She also doesn't get upset.  (Is she an innocent girl?)  You can't say that, with the environment you can't say she was happy because she was smiling.  You can't just look at the surface.  I can't respond for her, but she is very nice, very gentle and accommodating to friends."  Tin Ming said that he did not have to favor either side but hoped that no one would think the worst or just about something negative.  Ultimately he pleaded for space for everyone.

In addition, already recovered from an earlier stroke Jimmy Wang Yu with WU XIA was nominated for the Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor.  Unfortunately he lost to WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW: SEEDIQ BALE's new comer Boken Kosang.  His daughter Wong Hing Ping said that she was not disappointed about her father's defeat because in her heart her father was already the best.  He did not need the Golden Horse award to prove that.  She said, "I instead was worried about him having to attend the celebration if he won, then he would drink again.  After the event I called him, he was OK.  He even said that after several decades of living he was very understanding, he was very gracious."

Speaking of Wang Yu's self ridicule during the Lifetime Achievement Award presentation that made everyone laugh, Wong Hing Ping said, "I didn't feel it was funny, as his daughter I am very worried.  However his mentality was pretty positive."  She also said that her father has completely recovered from the stroke and was in great spirit.  He not only constantly came to Hong Kong to visit Mother Wong but also worked on the film GUILLOTINES (HUET DIK JI) in the Mainland.  She joked, "The production said that it needed my permission, but actually I know Daddy has the acting bug.  In addition the production guaranteed that he would only have dramatic scene and no fight scene.  Since he recovered very well, I didn't want to disappoint him.  Actually I couldn't stop him even if I wanted to."  For the performance, Wang Yu flew to Hengdian and Xian.  She admitted that at first she was a little scared, luckily the team treated him like a king.  If they were worried about the cold they would immediately bring blankets.  When he returned to Taiwan he immediately called his daughter.  Thus she too very much looked forward to the film release.

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