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Hong Kong Film New Action -- Film Industry and Multimedia Industry Cross Platform Collaboration giant promotional project press conference took place yesterday.  Attendees included the Film Council vice
chair Peter Lam Kin Ngok, with the Cheung Sing Seung, Teddy Chan Tak Sum, Lawrence Cheng Tang Shui, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Conroy Chan Chi Chung and Teddy Robin Kwan formed Hong Kong new century producer representative team.  They later would conduct an exchange event in Taiwan.  Lam Kin Ngok pointed out that on this trip to Taiwan, he will be able to directly exchange the latest film and multimedia industry market information with Taiwan producers.  He hoped to open the door of collaboration.  Next March many events will also take place during the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market, which will provide a negotiation platform for Hong Kong new century producers and Mainland and overseas filmmakers to assist them and the Internet industry and the new media industry operators to confirm commercial collaboration projects.

Earlier reports claimed that Lam Kin Ngok led show business personnel to participate in the Chief Executive electoral commission, Leon Lai Ming clarified that he did not participate.  Stephen Chow Sing Chi who was rumored to take Lai Ming's place also said that he had to consider it.  Lam Kin Ngor said that they had to select someone who could represent show business.  Through deep consideration, each organization had a representative.  They mainly wanted to help the show business.  He said, "Anyone I approach is out of representation.  Leon thought that he would go himself, but actually his assistant didn't apply for him."  Now has he approached Sing Yeh?  Lam Kin Ngok said that he did not know but he would find someone recognizable in show business and everyone will know tomorrow.  Lam Kin Ngok said that singer representative included Alan Tam Wing Lun.  As for confidence, he said that reporters asked about confidence, he never talked about it.  He was only responsible for organizing.  He was not qualified to invite anyone.  As for his choice, he joked it was himself.  He too wanted to do something for the Hong Kong film industry.

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